Lantern WG MUD <a href="">Project Website</a> Banquest It’s a play-by-post fantasy RPG with expansionist (and particularly, weight gain) themes. Life of Kriss You start the game as Kristine- AKA Kriss. Turris Puesco An online turn-based RPG that focused on WG. Harvest Moo Harvest Moo is a Harvest Moon-esque rpgmaker game about making lots of cash by feeding and fattening monster girls, mainly cows. Nirulea: Tabletop RPG Niruela is a D&amp;D like Tabletop RPG with many WG elements currently in development with many features. Tainted Elysium Tainted Elysium is an in-development adult text-game where one must survive in a high-tech medieval world that is filled with weight-gain and transformation themed fetish material. World of Corpulence Terrene is a typical, generic fantasy world with a bit of everything. It has a usual medieval society which resembles known tropes, borrowing heavily from pop culture such as dungeons &amp; dragons, and otherwise. In this world magic is drawn from another dimension, known as the “Otherworld”. However once something goes through to another world, it leaves a gap for the volatile energies to pass, and unskilled tampering leads to chaotic results which may not be obvious at a first glance. Currently there is a known disease, one such major contagion said to be caused by the powerful inhabitants of the Otherworld; the demons. This disease, the corpulence, grows stronger with each person that surrenders to it. The vice of gluttony spreads, and the people becomes increasingly hedonistic. In order to suppress the spread of this evil, righteous men and women try to answer magic with vigilance, culling those who would see Terrene fall to temptation.<br> In other words it’s a standard demon plot, which acts as a fine device for telling a kink based story.<br> The player sets out into this world as a character who is wrongly targeted as a demonic threat. This opens up for them to turn against their aggressors, and actually become what they’d been accused of being. They will then set out and deliberately try to corrupt those around them, often by feeding them and coercing them into fatness! At the same time, the player can also fail in their tasks, and sometimes become the victim of this weight gain instead. The goal is for the game to fluidly progress, or at least lead to interesting ends regardless of how well the game is played. Each fight can be won or lost, and while some defeats might just weaken the player, others will lead to wholely separate scenes. Towermisu: Mon'appetite A mysterious tower has appeared and has cursed the land with food, but incredibly hostile food. It’s been said that if anyone is able to slay the evil queen at the top, the curse will lift. For the past few years, many troops and armies went into the tower, but nobody has ever come out. Two adventurers, Kikyou and Senna, take it upon themselves to scale the tower and rid their land of the curse.
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