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Edypos Currently Unnamed Stuffing RPG Project The Currently Unnamed Stuffing RPG Project is a game built with RPG maker. It’s main site is here on the forum. A key part of the game is looking for the answer to the question “Can I make this npc fat?” The Farm The Farm is a game where the player has to fatten up a “pet” and is based loosely on the Tamagotchi. The player will have to manage the pets many needs to increase happiness while at the same time increasing the pets weight. The pets preferences and traits are determined randomly at the start of the game, and the “kink” system provides a random set of unique traits that the payer will have to discover. Gaining Perspective Gaining Perspective is a text game about extreme weight gain, with a fairly genuine approach to pace, presentation, and darkish themes. The depictions are unapologetically gritty, leaning toward realism even as the player reaches immobility and even well-beyond. Face physical challenges and repercussions, personal sacrifices, and pressing health concerns. Gameplay is turn-based and mostly linear, but also includes random events, budget strategy, and a surprising story with a mysterious twist. Untitled Furry Fighting Game Untitled Furry Fighting Game is a fighting game in a similar vein to Marvel vs Capcom 1. SUPER FATTY RPG <strong>WELCOME TO THE SUPER FATTY RPG DEMO!!!</strong> Lanna’s Adventure Weight For ME Hi guys, me and a friend of mine had the idea for a videogame dating sim for BBW / SSBBW lovers with a mechanics of weight gain for the advancement of the relationships with the various characters.... Fetish Master This category is about the simulation game Fetish Master. It’s for general discussion about the game or the various mods that have been created. Apocamorphosis A text game with a fantasy setting with a strong focus on TF and Corruption themes featuring WG elements as well. The Pirate’s Fate The Pirate’s Fate is a/an Visual Novel game.<br> Embark on a swashbuckling adventure in The Pirate’s Fate, a visual novel experience with a unique twist: the story, the crew, and who you are transform based on your choices. Seek treasure, find love, and choose your fate. Avakann's Project Avakann’s Project is an rpgmaker project which sets you in a fat disproving world. Some kind of cataclysm works to shake things up for the world and the main character. Yaffaif Explore a fantasy world that seems intent on transforming the player into something else…
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