12/21 Planned site maintenance

Discourse (the forum frame work we use) has a new updated out. This contains the fix for the broken Discord widget so we plan on running the update Friday night. We dont expect any interruptions but we will keep you all informed if there are any issues.

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that’s a big yikes boss

A server restart is going to be required for this update. We plan on taking down the server for this in the next 30mins or so. The site should only be down for 15-30mins. During this time please keep an eye on our discord or twitter for updates.

I am happy to announce the update is complete. There has been some changes though as the new fount awesome pack was finally added in. This is causing some icons in our custom JS from displaying, specifically the discord icon atm. We are currently working on getting this corrected as soon as possible, but till then expect placeholder icons in that area till we can figure out why we cant load the discord icon.

Thank you all for your patience!

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We have the icon issue figured out. It turns out that Discourse now partially loads the Font Awesome icons which means we have to specify what icons we want in a config. As you can see by the new Discord icon we finally got it all set back up.

The final thing we need to do is work on getting the Discord widget working again as the bug that broke it is supposed to now be fixed. We will be poking around with it a bit through Christmas so if you see the discord button disappear or stop working its is most likely us working on it.

Thank you all for your support and patience with us!

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