1st Fat Fortnight Game Jam! $200 Prize for Best Game!


so… a-are there any restrictions to who can submit?


We will be releasing a full list of details very soon, including who can submit. Generally you should not worry.


Okay then. You should already be over 18 years old if you’re on this site, so don’t worry about it too much.


Must be 18 years or older, that is the only restriction.


This one is actually a stupid question: The fact that just the age is the only restriction, mean that you can technically submit a prototype that is not fat-related game? Only being the rule that the prototype is good.

And just for not make this reply so useless: can someone add ANYTHING in its game? I mean, any fetish, no matter how “”""“bizarre”"""" it can be.

EDIT: I did not see any restriction about that.


The question was who could submit and that is the +18 restriction. That shouldn’t be a problem though as pointed out by @Tag365

As a reminder this is stated in our terms of service.

As for games, yes there is really no restrictions. As long as the content is legal under US law it can be anything. We have set up the scoring though to favor games with fetish content.

We will be posting the rules and scoring sheet later today.


Why are you posting it today?


That means we will receive the info a month before (technically speaking).

Being serious: I think it is too early for the scoring sheet, but I don’t know.

Maybe the people can prepare themselves better.


Its about what @LaCabra said:

We want everyone to have ~1.5-2 weeks to review the rules and how we will be scoring them so they can have time to think about general concepts and put together teams if they wish. No one can really start work on a game anyway till we release the theme which will be announced 11/10.


I know. I mean be prepared mentally or whatever. If you know what I mean.


Posted Rules and Scoring. Post can be found here:


I’ll try to join this, but I dunno if I have trust levels or whatever ; x;


The trust level system is really just an anti spam system. Its really easy to get TL1. Check the post here for details: