1st Time Modding Project - Asking for Help

Hello Guys! Snakes here. I’ve been a longtime lurker on my old account, but thought about making a post. But I’ve recently signed up as a writer for a small modding project on an expansion based VN. It’s going great.

But we’re hitting a few walls, and I was wondering if this forum is a good place to ask for tips and help, mainly with coding and finding a way to expand our art team. We pay most of our art team, except for the project leader who volunteers her concept art and test sprites. But we also wanna drum up some interest with our mod.

If this isn’t the place, I’d love to be pointed in the right direction.

Thanks, Snakes


Curious as to which VN- it isn’t Growth Academy is it?

It is a Growth Academy mod in fact :smiley:

Is there a better channel to be posting this in? I’ve only ever used this to check out projects I’m already a fan of some I’m not to experienced with fora just yet

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You definitely are free to post anything about your mod or ask for assistance. #project-help probably if your looking for specific questions to be answered. The discord as well has channels that are spilt up for devs into different topics. I would recommend maybe just making a #projects post advertising your mod and giving a run down about what your doing. On that same post you can just ask for any assistance your looking for if you feel like it.

As our coder likes to say, you’re a diamond.

I really appreciate the step in the right direction. Thanks a million ^^

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