2056, a game of weight gain and maybe other fetishes (maybe), idea

Hi, so I have had this idea for a bit now. (backstory/plot/goal) The main idea behind this game is that for some reason or another you are an AI that is brought back online. However your body is ruined and you are basically stuck in this girls desktop computer. This girl (depending on the traits you pick for her) is most likely going to be evicted from her home in 28 days. if she gets evicted it is most likely that you will never be turned on ever again. So in 2056 how does someone make money? Well with inflation and and rapidly demising worker rights a normal 9-5 is out of the question, well at least long term wise. So what does one do? Well fetishes along with streaming have blown up in popularity, meaning that anyone can make a few quick bucks, given that they play smartly.

For now I just plan on having the player able to do weight gain fetish for money, but maybe if this goes anywhere there will be more fetishes, no idea yet. You can play a test version here, its just the intro for now:
2056 Demo.zip (161.9 KB)

Let me know what you think, or if you find any bugs, I should have a real demo out soon. Also, if you want you can check out my other game Queen Sized here: QueenSized V1.10.18B now public!

05/25/2022: Got some images for the weight stage I’m working on (AI art btw):

Dev log: 001-- finished adding the average height pear shape, working on adding the average height apple and strawberry body shape descriptions (each has 6 stages), next I will be adding the kitchen area, the store and finally the ability to get paid from working, update coming soon.


got something good going here, i can see the potential. playing as the ai in the story is pretty interesting, and i could see quite a good amount of narrative potential for exactly that reason. keep going through with it i say!

I read what you wrote, lol.

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I think you need to restructure the pages of text a bit so the user never has to scroll down. Break things up a bit. I zoomed my browser out a bit and still couldn’t fit each interaction in the introduction on the screen at once. But it’s like a book with as many pages as you want, why cram as much as you can per page?

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That is because I really don’t like spreading code out, it makes the game file unnecessarily large, plus it makes it a pain in the ass for me to add new code or fix it.

Yeah, I wasn’t happy with the tone of the message. I debated rewriting it to make it sound more constructive, but I didn’t have the energy. I apologize.

it not a bad game is a good game.

Fairly short, but I skipped the intro, so

Decent from what I’ve seen so far.

Great interest

Like the world building so far lil confusing having the green text be like the narrarator and ai unless the ai likes narrating stuff, Which makes sense I suppose

Just started it, can already say that although I like seeing a little of animations, having to wait for the green text to pop all up will make me go insane and bored before even puttin my name in. I hope it will be toggleable at a later revision, cause I read way too fast and I have way too short of an attention span to stay put and wait for the game to finish narrating.
I will update this when I got further than the first screen.

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pressing spacebar will make all the text of that paragraph show up immediately


Press space bar to skip stuff, but I will look into an option for turning off the text writing.

Would you consider making the images toggleable? I’d rather leave things to the imagination than see them as AI art personally.

You could probably just delete them and get 404’s rather than needing to add a new feature to the game.


Looks promising but, as others said, the text speed makes me want to kill myself.


The concept is so awesome! :sunny: . :sunny: Your games are always my favorite on this site! ^w^

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