3D games

I know jack shit about coding and I know coding takes a long time but I believe it can be done. I have seen a lot of RPG or text based games but no 3D animated games. as its something very rare I’m guessing its too hard to code. but just in case I wanted to bring it up to raise awareness of it. I’m sure there’s someone out there with a vast range of skills that can be put to the task. and for those attempting this…good luck :slight_smile:

It’s not about difficulty in coding. Coding for 3d games can have some different challenges than 2d but it’s not inherently harder. the problem is in the visuals. It so much easier for a 3d character to look bad, or creepy, or wrong. there are so many things that can go wrong when just creating the models, or lighting them, or texturing them. All of these things can be overcome, but that takes time and we’re all hobbyist here.

TL;DR: These things…they take time

you make a good point sorry for the my ignorance and I understand that not all of us can code in six seconds. and yes as I said I don’t code games I code other things like remote control shit and that’s totally different to a 3D rendered character XD

You could always learn. The internet is a vast and wonderful place with much knowledge to be found

as you said it would take a lot of time and I hardly get time to post on this site. maybe if I get the time I might