A Broad Semester - ver0.02 Released! (Updated 6/20/24)

I was trying to download V0.02, but on Google Docs it says the download quota has been exceeded. Could you add an alternative MEGA upload link? Don’t mean to be a bother sorry :sweat_smile:

I liked this new update! I think it can be a little tricky/random to determine when I can make side events happen, as fun as they are, though, and sometimes they bug out lol.

That all besides, I really liked Natalie’s design! Her personality… I really liked it in the “vanilla” route, but was disappointed to see that she had no notable change in personality/dynamic on the player’s weight.

For her other routes… I was more than a bit disappointed to see that she was a dom feeder AND a dom feedee. She’s great at both, if a little too mean for me, but its just not as much my thing.

Also, with the advent of new side events, Natalie’s Goddess routes, and comparisons of your body to Lindsay, who I hope is someday a playble girl, it’s becoming increasingly obvious - we NEED a model/design for the player. I know its a self-insert and you probably don’t wanna do a guy design, but at least for the female player, we need a model to make these feedee scenes with the player feel more worth it. It just feels like making a number go up and triggering the fat words if I make my gal obese, outside of a few dialogue changes outside of the total feederism route.


I finally was able to sit down and play through everything, so I finally get to provide some feedback on a chapter I for the most part really enjoyed.

General Feedback:

  • It feels like my weight didn’t have much of an impact in certain areas it could have (like the steak date). You did a really good job in some areas in bringing this in, so it stands out a bit when it doesn’t impact the story.
  • The transition between bedroom with handcuffs and picnic date was really abrupt and made me feel like I missed something.
  • I loved getting a dominant feeder storyline. It is unique and made for a great play. Definitely the highlight of this update for me. It was unique, quite different from Donna’s story, and just a great update in general.
  • The after completion story lines are great, but I tend to forget they are there because of the end of arc message. I’m not really sure how best to handle that, but it would be great to make sure these aren’t forgotten.
  • The images sometimes don’t match the descriptions. For example, thudding in the diner and not being able to fit in the booth when Natalie’s renders look just chubby. If you are going to make someone sound totally obese, I think the renders need to be bigger to match.
  • The Dom feedee path was fun as well, and I love someone putting themselves so obviously on display

One question though - How do the seeing other characters scenes work? I saw Donna as a fit person in Natalie’s workout scene, even though what I though was supposed to be the canon ending was her very fat. And in the Natalie teaching scene, Donna was chubby but not fat. It would be great to know how to get them at specific sizes for these scenes.

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How do i fix this?

I myself actually played it fresh, then did the event with her to get very fat, then did Dom feeder me feedee and she was fat for me

Interesting. Maybe I just got my saves mixed up. Totally possible!

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So no way to fix this?

I haven’t come across that error before, and I think I’ve played through every single variation of dialogue that can be found. You are going to have to supply more information if the dev is going to be able to fix it.

Like @jcc309 said, I’m not sure what the context of the error is so I don’t know how to resolve it. I haven’t seen anything like that occur before, if you send me a note or chat on DeviantArt directly I can work through it and see what needs addressing!

Thank you very much for the in depth-feedback! I definitely see where you’re coming from on many of these, and I think a lot of it can be chalked up to my own inexperience so far with the project.

I just added a quick line after the final “Story” chapter for each character to point out that they have an Epilogue in the “campus encounters” too, great suggestion!

Natalie will likely be getting updated dialogue in the next update where the player’s weight plays a bigger role in her earlier chapters.

To answer your final question though, the “Cameo” mechanic is something I just put into place, and I’m still figuring out my own best practices for using it. As it stands, Donna’s cameos in Natalie’s chapters are based on your current progress with her, except for if you’ve completed one of Donna’s endings. The same will be true for Natalie if/when she cameos in other chapters as well in the future.

For example, if you’re on Chapter 3 with Donna, she’ll have her Chapter 3 appearance. If you complete a route with Donna, and are replaying Chapter 3, she’ll cameo with her canon “ending” appearance unless you complete a new ending and choose to replace it.

This was actually slightly bugged, but I’ve just uploaded a fixed build that should take care of any cameo issues.


Always happy to provide feedback, and I’m planning to after every update if I have anything worth saying! I love these types of games, and yours is quite enjoyable.

Also I did get the cameos working with the new build, so it might have been a combo of slightly bugged and user error. It is fun to see those cameos! It would be fun to get a little bit of dialogue/action to adjust based on what cameo we get. For example, I think the dialogue with Donna in the gym is the exact same whether she is skinny or fat. Just some food for thought!

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Ok ill see whats wrong

This is promising! Looking forward to playing


I’m curious, what asset packs are you using to generate the campus/grass/diner? If you don’t mind me asking?

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I’m eager for more, I just keep replaying. Out of curiosity what are your plans for player weight besides cosmetics? Like will there be health or mobility issues? Will there be further expansions on the routes available?

The campus backgrounds are stock/royalty free background images I found with a little Google searching, and the diner is the VamX Diner Port on the VAM Hub.


I’m not really planning anything specific in the realm of health/mobility issues aside from some flavor text in the events where the player’s weight is relevant. This is mostly due to my own personal interests not aligning with things like that to a degree, but in general the player’s weight is going to be relegated to purely changing dialogue/narration at times and accessing certain story routes for different characters based on their personalities.


For what it is worth, I think this makes complete sense anyways. Given that everything takes place over a semester, creating huge health/mobility issues feels like it would be over the top. But I do think that the changing dialogue/narration and accessing different story routes based on player weight really do help set this game apart from others in the same genre.