A fresh face and a fresh start!

I used to lurk on the old forums all the time, so when I saw they were gone I felt a really weird longing, like I missed out on properly being part of it all.

Guess the reboot was the perfect chance to join in!

Though I suppose just saying “Hi” might be boring, so I’ll share my favorite games~

For weight gain games, I’m a big fan of noone’s and I used to play Boundless back while it was still alive.

Recently I’ve been playing Fenoxo’s CoC and TITS. Loved the heck out of Shouldra’s bakery scenes in the former, and making Anno THICC in the latter was a real treat~

In terms of mainstream games, I like a lot of stuff from having !!FUN!! in Dwarf Fortress to mining salt in Dota 2. Looking forward to TI8! Kuroky FTW!

Currently I’m reading A Clash of Kings; I don’t watch western television, so I thought I might as well get the hype right from the source. It’s been slow going (mostly because I’ve been playing TITS 12 hours a day… Yeah…) though I’m really into the story. Tyrion’s plotting is so much fun to watch!

On the other hand, I do watch lots of anime. Recently, My Hero Academia has been great, Hisone to Masotan was funky and fun, and Hinamatsuri was a romp from start to finish. My favorite studios are Trigger and Bones–though I hope Promare is going to be more like Kill La Kill than Darling in the FranXX.

That about sums it up for me, I guess. Looking forward to being a part of this place!

Welcome to the forums! We are happy to have you joining us! Also, much respect for having “!!FUN!!” in Dwarf Fortress :pick:

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Nice to see you. I helped test the new forum so you can chat with us.

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Thanks for your hard work~