A Girl Like Substance has Appeared! Roll for Initiative!

I did it! I used my one good joke in the title!

Anyway, hi, I’m Alaska. I’ve been around here for a while now, I remember lurking in the old games thread on BBW-Chan and seeing this forum spring into life. Yet, somehow, despite hanging around all this time and this being my second account (thanks Grotlover for helping with that) this is my first actual post on here. I hope to be less of a lurker in the future and even have some ideas for some games of my own rolling around! But until I find some motivation they’re just that, ideas, and so I won’t say much about them.

In terms of material introductions, I’m a writer but have yet to really dip my toes into the actual kink side of things. I consider myself available to help with any writing on projects if anyone is interested. You can find some of my work here to get an idea of what my style and mood is like. I’m also an artist like substance and I’ve dabbled a fair bit in kink art, so anyone looking for artists please keep me in mind. You can find my person-shaped scribbles here.

Anyway, that’s my pitch. Thanks for reading and hope to see you around the forum!


Welcome to the writing club. Unfortunately, my pendulum luck has made me roll a 5, and my -2 to initiative means I’m at 3. I’ll wait for my turn.

Got that Baiken pfp, nice.
Hope you do what you wanna do here!

Welcome in the community !

Welcome aboard! :grinning:

A quick glance at your works tells me you’re not shy of exploring harder themes which could very well find an audience here, so here’s hoping some of those ideas come to fruition!

The Girl Like Substance rolls a critical fail and destroys itself! It drops no loot!

Thanks! That’s actually what I’ve been intending to do tbh. I’ve always felt like kink content in general was a little too binary in it’s themes? It’s often either just cute dumb fun or trauma inducing body horror health problems - which there is nothing wrong with at all - I just feel like there’s a missed opportunity to do some really interesting stuff with some more dramatic elements that the fat content can bounce off of.

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That’s actually a good way to describe it. On the rare occasion I talk about obese characters or weight gain to people that aren’t “into it”, I usually take the comedic route, because I hate the other, “body horror” route that media likes to take.

I developed my own Obesity rules for Pathfinder, and I tried to take a very objective stance on the topic as if it were any other published sourcebook. Essentially trying to stay away from both body horror and comedic ends of the spectrum.

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Happy to have you here with us! And happy I was able to help you out with the new account XD

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