A goddamn calendar

there is so many belly/expansion based days throughout the year, is there a calendar or list i can see so i know when things happen?

if there isn’t can we make one, please?

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Well at least there’s zefussian month on September as Zeftember

I only know of one month thats somewhat fetish related, and thats inktober

It’s not really fetish-related, it’s more for different artists to flex their skills or improve upon them. It just happens that some fetish artists decide to do Inktober.

A calendar would be integral for organising and scheduling community events. Be they streams, showcases, tutorials and workshops, or even community-driven mini game jams which was an idea raised on the back of the last Gain Jam.

… Unless I’ve misread the post and we’re just talking about listing holidays throughout the year pertaining to food.

At least Thanksgiving and Xmas are fattening days.
Also there’s Voretober a thing

there, see, i didn’t even know voretober is a thing

is that all month long?

im going to get started on making a calendar

I was thinking is Willy Wonka Day a thing, so I looked up and it’s an actual thing on October 1st