A Gymnast Gaining Weight

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Sounds interesting. There’s a bit of certain areas which I find are strange (Ex: Why did they join the team if they don’t want to be part of it), but the rest are fine. :smile:

Yikes, rather keep all characters above the age of 18+ or the legal age.

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amy schumer and mariska hargitay are must-haves tbh

how old are you…?

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I have a strong urge to report this topic, even though it’s not technically breaking the rules. There’s just something really not right about it.


I think it’s the capitalization

It does read a bit like a text generator wrote it for the purpose of establishing the account as legit. Tell us, bruh, you real?


Post locked because it’s spam - basically just a wishlist.


Alright,18 Will Be The Minimum Age Of The Gymnasts.