A Hero's Retirement 1.1: A New Look

All right, @ohlardshecomin , try replacing your old Map029 in the Data folder with this one. Talk to the eyepatch guy near the dock; every time you talk to him, it SHOULD reset the boat location to its original spot at the end of the dock. Sorry for the delayed response, let me know if this works.

Thanks a lot for the tip, @Grimimic !


Thanks, but an error popped up saying img/characters/Actor2.png failed to load

Crud. I’ll keep looking into it.

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Sorry for the delay, work’s been a beast.
But I THINK I found how the issue cropped up:

So,I half-assed creating the new boat guy with a stock character I never used before. But when I exported the game a while back, I selected the option to discard unused files to save space. Which means that the new map I gave you keeps trying to find an image file which isn’t there.

So! If you download this file:

and paste it in the img/characters folder, then download THIS file:

and paste it into the img/faces folder, that SHOULD fix things. IN THEORY.

I’m kind of a beginner at this stuff, but if I’m understanding things correctly, all you need is the proper images the game is looking for (a sprite and a face when you talk to the boat guy) in the proper folder. Honestly, you could probably create any image yourself, name it Actor2.png, paste it in the folders I named, and that would probably be enough for the game to run.

Again, sorry about the delay, let me know if you still have problems after this, and I’ll keep tinkering for as long as it takes.


Thanks, I’ll test it out tomorrow

It worked, thank you so much, now to finally finish the game

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I’ve just hit the carrot farming simulator.

First off, prime fucking content, without the shadow of a doubt this is some of the best videogame writing I’ve ever seen. “No fat chicks this way, i checked”, hands down the greatest line in all modern media.

I’ll take 4

What psychopath made this basement

Finished the game, absolutely brilliant, honestly, the fetish stuff was a bit lacking but the superb game made up for it in spades.

I’m not skilled at making fetish stuff and the puzzles were very much a case of throwing everything at the wall to see what stuck, so I’m always glad to hear when someone enjoys the writing.

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Finished it, I really like the plots and characters

Thanks for bearing with all the bugs.

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No prob, juat glad the fixes were found so the ending can be achieved

this main character just like me fr


That’s awesome. He’s the kind of guy I aspire to be.

Knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to pursue it regardless of what the world thinks of him, but also a chill, easygoing guy.

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