A little help please?

Does anyone know how to alter how proxies in the Agency are generated? I know about the agency_update file, but that only affects the gender chances, near as I can tell. I want to modify the body part sizes they can spawn with.

I’m pretty sure they’re generated off of DNA Templates when the Agency requests them.

Ex. /gamedata/dna/human_female_agency_worker.tdna is what the game looks at for a human female that isn’t a hyperbreeder.

I’d recommend editing those if you want to modify the ranges of sizes you encounter by default.

Hope this helps!

like what @firesoul10 said, a lot of what gets generated in the agency is decided by genetic stuff. in particular most gene’s have a value, and a mutation rate. if you want a wider range for a stat then make the mutation rate higher. If you just want everything bigger across the board, then change the value

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