A little update

Hello everyone, I wanted to give a brief update of where I am at currently. I know I have been on some sort of hiatus, but I fully intend on getting back into the game. For starters I am currently working on a new Sims weight gain community (I got locked out of my old discord account due to 2fa issues), I hope to have it released within the coming weeks. Secondly I am going to get back into creating mods, in the time i’ve been gone I have done some brainstorming and I believe that I have some new ideas that can potentially do well. While I am wanting to return to modding, I would also really love if there was a community effort at content creation, it doesn’t take an insane amount of skill to create cc or mods, it just takes good ideas. I also think its important to shoutout @redoestimate for taking over the modding game in my absence, he’s made several amazing mods I never could’ve thought of and he is a prime example of why I think that more people should jump into experimenting with content creation, I hope he continues creating mods and coming up with great new ideas. Anyways, just wanted to give a little update. Though I cannot give an ETA on when I will be releasing new content, rest assured it is coming.


This is true! Maybe when I get in a Sims mood I might dabble in it as I have before privately. If not I’d at least want to assemble some mods I think complement some of the more strictly fetishistic mods. I know it normally wouldn’t be that needed but Sims mods specifically are spread amongst so many different sites it’s crazy.

But here I am making this about me. Sorry for all the rigmarole you’ve went through, and hope you get back to it!

I’ve tried simple XML modding before and I couldn’t get it to work most of the time. so if you know of any tutorials that will help me and others get into modding ourselves; that would absolutely add more variety to the sims 4 gain community.

Thanks so much for the shoutout! I will turn it right around and say that I wouldn’t be molding at all (or even playing the Sims these days) if it wasn’t for the amazing work you’ve done and the inspiration you’ve given me to get into modding in the first place.

You’re absolutely right that modding is mostly about ideas and a little bit of patience to get things to work the way you want. I have no programming background and learned everything I needed to know about modding from dissecting your mods and from simple tutorials online.

I’m looking forward to joining your new community, and I’d definitely like to be in touch about possibly doing a collaboration on some more ambitious mods. I started a project I’m super excited about awhile ago but I’ve basically hit a brick wall on where to go next.