A missing simple game (possibly flash origin).

When I was very young there was a website that had all of these random and yet simple games just to pass the time. One of these games included one where you manipulate a male character into either bulking up with muscle or fat (going with muscle turns you more red while the fat made you more green). The game didn’t have any unique features other than activities (like doing the a Maxwell spoof) you can make the man do and is just a black and white game (black screen with skin and other objects have white lines to define them).
I can’t remember the website nor the name of the game but this was ( I’m guessing) before 2006-2007 so maybe in that realm to look around. Sorry if I can’t remember anything else, maybe someone here knows what I am talking about.

Edit: After thinking about it might be easily no longer available as another game that I remembered being on the same site with it (it was called I think Dude where’s my retainer) is no longer running. A bit sad after hearing it being a possible fate, but what can you do…

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Yea i just remembered this game out of nowhere today. Sad how you cant find any little trace of it on the internet. I just remember not being able to beat it (probably because i was so young) and i wanted to go back and beat it now but i guess that isnt possible anymore.