A New Dugeon Crawler

Hey there people from Weight Gaming. I’ve been lurking for awhile and finally decided to make an account to get this idea across.

Anyways, I want to bring back something that was really my favorite game on the site for quite some time. Turris Puesco. I want to make something along the lines of that game or make continue where Cryptic left off. Yet, I need help with making my idea a reality.

So, that is where you can come in and help me. All I am asking for is help nurturing the story into something that can always have added layers to it so the game never gets stale, and help finding a proper engine. I really did enjoy the Turris Puesco engine, but if there is something better let me know. Also, the community can vote for things they want put in and I will do my best.

Now this is just an idea, but I want to make it a reality. It is the main reason I even created this account. So please help me, and in return I shall try to bring forth a game.


Sounds like a really cool idea, though I am not familiar with the inspiration and trying to check it out leads me to a dead site. I do some creative writing every once in awhile so I could maybe help there, or at the very least help bounce some ideas around.


I would suggest on using a cross-platform engine in order to get your project out to as many as possible such as Linux, Mac, Android, IoS, etc.

Yeah, that would be great! If you wanna help with world building and stuff you can.

What would you recommend for cross platform?

Renp’y comes to mind (engine works across all above mentioned platforms), or TWINE (generates HTML from it’s coding). Unity works on some platforms but in a restricted manner, it’s mainstay is Windows.