A night with a demon

after playing around with Ren’py, im working on a game inspired by an ongoing RP im doing. It will involve stuffing, weight gain and sex scenes with a cute demon. any tips anyone can give me on working with Ren’py and python would be appreciated

DEMO A Night with a Demon by Rose -Wonder


I can’t help with any tips, but I’m loving this idea!

Also, you may want to add tags for weight gain, and female and/or male as appropriate for your idea.

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I read these two links too many times when I was working on my projects. Hope these help! Also, every so often, run the project. If there are issues that prevent it from booting it will tell you in the application.

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Ive made some progress, and im slowly figuring out simple programing, ill have a demo soon

would people rather an anonymous PC or that I flesh out and add art of the PC?

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I’d go with anonymous, it would cut down your workload and allow people to leave it to their own imaginations.

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I might agree here, and then later if you feel it better, you could always add art in then!


heres a lil teaser, and check out my art while your there, im sure you’ll like it


I am ready to release the demo, should I post it here or start a new thread? what is customary?

Just edit your first post in the thread and add a link to it.

Slowly adding branching paths, I have a general storyline beaten out allready

i loved the demo cant wait to see more. i love the art style

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