A Possible Platformer

The story of this cross between Mario, Metroidvania, Kirby, and arcade game platformers involves two skinny sisters who end up in a sweets-filled world, which has become a desolate vegetable-covered wasteland governed by a buxom vegetable-themed villainess who has captured the world’s massively-obese queen and princess and locked them away in what’s left of their now-corrupted castle. In this game, fattening up is considered a power up/level up element: The fatter the player’s character is, the higher her level is. Other power ups include one that temporarily changes the player’s character’s body shape (i.e.: pear, hourglass, bean, apple, etc.), one that destroys all vegetable-like enemies on-screen, and one that inflates the player’s character so she can jump higher and cross gaps that she normally wouldn’t. The game will have 12 worlds, each with 8 to 16 levels (not counting the tutorial level in World 0), and there’ll also be a co-op mode where two players (similar to games like Kirby Super Star and Diet Go Go) will have to work together (either locally or online) in order to clear levels. If you’d like, you can also play co-op with a CPU-controlled sidekick. There’ll also be three forms of competitive play: a mode similar to games like New Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man Vs., a collection of minigames that can be played alone or with friends, and an online leaderboard for fastest level-completion time and highest level score. The game would have 16-Bit and 32-Bit graphics akin to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the music would be original while using the various SNES soundfonts to give it that 90’s gaming feel. There’ll even be post game bonus features, including a Princess Maker/Tamagotchi hybrid sim involving the abovementioned princess.

The Cast:

Amy and Lily: These two scrawny teenagers have had enough of their parents’ strict diet plan. Amy’s the older sister in pink, and Lily’s the younger sister in cyan. They’re not twins, however, as Lily is two years younger than Amy.

Velga: The antagonist, characterized by her slender build, her filtered cig, and her large breasts. She has a habit of putting vegetable puns into her speeches, and she wears a crown consisting of broccoli, a carrot, a potato, a head of lettuce, a tomato, a clove of garlic, an onion, a cucumber, a pumpkin, a turnip, a radish, an avocado, a zucchini, a pea pod, a leek, and an artichoke. In fact, her scepter looks just like asparagus.

Velga’s Henchmen: Eleven vegetables (with only two being stronger recolors/redesigns) that guard most of the worlds in the game

Pudgington: A plump boy who serves his queen and princess, he was the only one to escape the tyrannical rule of Velga. He provides the in-game tutorial.

Queen Adiposia: The rightful ruler of the Kingdom of Fatopia, and the largest human being outside of Earth. She and her daughter were suddenly usurped by Velga, both being locked away in the dungeon of her own castle.

Princess Fatricia: Adiposia’s daughter, who is currently concerned about her mother’s receding waistline after being locked up by Velga, who has turned Fatopia into the Veghalla Empire, with Velga as the empress. She’s the one who sent Amy and Lily the message about her kingdom’s fate.

This sounds great, but also super ambitious! Don’t burn out trying to make a super epic game with 96 unique levels, at least right away. Make us one playable level and then expand from there!

This is just an idea… I’m not a game programmer…