a terraria weight gain mod

id like to see someone make a weight gain mod for terraria using tmodloader, any takers to this idea will get all the credit


I’d like to see a similar mod. Something completely different from the currently-existing Starbound mods for Terraria.

if i may add one thing: compatibility with calamity(specifically heart of the elements)


A weight gain mod for terraria would be an interesting thing to see. But eh, I dunno how easy it would be, as the chracters are really small compared to everything else ingame.

I agree with the HoTE suggestion, btw.

could be a Vantiy armor. but that would mean no stats unless it also had a accessory. and would need to add its own special accessory slot since it would cause problems with out it

Terraria’s player and armor sprites are 20x28, so while they’re compact, there is still some room for fats. Attempting to resize an armor sprite wider than 20 pixels results in the image being cropped to fit.

A weight gain system could work if we were to change the Well Fed status effect, present on most food items, to increment a ‘fat’ value for the player when applied (the amount of fat gained would likely depend on the duration of the effect, so bigger foods mean bigger bellies), and have that fat value either change the player’s vanity armor automatically (similar to the Big Fatties mod for Starbound) or alter the base player sprites (which can result in exposed fat belly, unlike the aforementioned Starbound mod). The implementation of either system depends on how well tModLoader is equipped to handle each situation.


While I love this idea, it also instills a primal fear in me:
The slimes.


here’s a dumb thought, turn king slime into a slimegirl, or hell, turn ALL the bosses into fat girls


Just an idea, but what if you did something along these lines

  • (optional) Replace the male NPCs with females
  • Piggy back on the happiness value, and have the NPCs get fatter the happier they are.

I like this. Cute chubby anime girls. Great!

i love the support for this but i cant program it

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It’s still probably a good idea to show interest and discuss it, since that will increase the probability that someone who does have the means and desire to create the mod will stumble across the thread.

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This would be excellent, especially considering that the Terraria staff released the final update for the game.


eating food will make the player gain weight, some more than others. on that note animals will drop food that can be cooked. to cook said food you will need a oven. oven crafting recipe is as followed, 5 iron or lead bars 20 of any wood, and 20 torches.

With all the new food added, I think a new NPC questgiver would make sense. It would be like the fishing quests except you find a specific enemy or tree food drop.

i would see that working.

honestly i kind of want to say, ideas are nice, but like, there is only SO much you can do in an engine that doesn’t require TONS of spiriting and coding and whatnot

complex weight gain systems in a 2d sprite game would be nice, but there’d be so much effort that you’d have to put into it. like look at stardew, there’s a weight gain mod that’s been in work for a LONG while, but as it is all there is to it is just some sprite and text replacements

all i’m saying is, a basic sprite replacement for some enemies and NPCs would work better as a start, rather than “complex system where every character has a favorite food that makes them gain weight more”

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it would seem nice. maybe if we can think of other things we may be able to come up with something

I just got an idea today, but I’m not making another thread, post or whatever because the essence of the idea is still here.

I have been enjoying games that came from here, and I’d like to provide something for this community.

And I remembered that the tModLoader just got launched a few months ago, I did a little research and found out that I could actually do something here; tModLoader uses C# for coding, and mod projects can be used by the IDE of Visual Studio, so it’s perfect for modding because VS can debug in the game.

The first thing I thought it was a mod for the Dryad NPC.
I guess you have already figured out the inspiration; the Mystery Dad’s Dryad

After looking at this post I see now that to make it worth it I don’t have to limit this mod to a single NPC.

First thing I would look up to make is to change the sprites for the Dryad ('cause honestly, she’s one of my favorites).
After that it would be to look the way to make the mechanics of weight gain. That’s another thing to discuss, I guess.

Although, I would need a hand because drawing it’s not something I’m very good at; even if it’s pixel art.

Very interesting idea I look forward to do.
I don’t think I could make it soon because my semester isn’t over yet, I may have some projects for work and because I have to read the documentation for tModLoader (which is not little).


Yeah, i agree with @xoyv on this, As i am decently new to Terraria modding, Adding physical changes to a character caused by any buff/debuff (eating food, getting hit by a slime, ect) Would require SO much complex coding, and honestly im not sure if having weight gain on the same armor set is possible. BUT there is a way around it, Just sprite an entirely new armor with the newfound fats, or just resprite an existing armor. So that brings me to why i made an account here today after LURKING for years now without an account. I made a mod that adds a vanity set of a fat chick. I used one of my other mods as a base, and just altered it. I made it a while ago actually, but i just made it for myself :wink:
Well, Im not too sure if i want to publish this on the mod browser, because of the content of this mod, so ill just post the source code here when i can, because im a new user right now, and i can’t post files.