A weight gain themed D20 server, for those interested

For those who don’t know, D20 is a much more freeform, accessible version of D&D. little to no rule-learning required. If you’re interested in joining a weight gain themed campaign of this game, I have a few spots open in a party. I’m very flexible about what folks are interested in, and am happy to try to include most things if you have something in particular you’d like to show up. If you’re interested, join this discord server:


A question: would it be wrong to join one of these sessions with a character who ultimately didn’t want to gain (but will inevitably be forced to do so over the course of the story)? A regular character essentially?

Unwilling and involuntary gaining is a kink after all, but I don’t know how counter it would run to a typical WG RP group.

oh yeah, that’s totally alright. feel free to pop in, we’ve got one more spot.

I’ll keep it in mind for the future! :+1: