A Wild maldy appears

Hello i’m maldy i thought i would introduce myself now since i have replied a few times and played quite a bit of the games been shown on the site since joining about a month and a half a go give or take…

Anyway the Games as i said before I’ve already have looked/played some of the games on this site and a few of them seem really good like Forks, The Unnamed Stuffing game and World of Corpulance however the last one isn’t being developed anymore desipte how interesting the original concept is.

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Well here is your official welcome then xD
Welcome to the site! We are happy to have you on board!

What did you like about playing those games?

@Tag365 Well Forks Visual Novel isn’t a new idea but i do think the art Design for it as does compliment the starting body images for the characters and i do hope it compliments with the other models of each character.

The Unnamed Stuffing Project is a tad harder, While i do like the story and lore being set up so far in the latest patch and the custom models are hit and miss due to when they were made my gripe with it is that they don’t yet have some sort of Permanent fat state for the characters that doesn’t involve or lead to a eventual game over and i do hope they rectify in future updates.

World of Corpulence A short concept but one i liked story and Game play wise as it forced you to play tactically in a RPG game and Progressed the story even if you lost a fight i just hope someone picks up that game where it left off and finishes it as it was originally designed for the RPG version

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