About the Project Quimbly

Hello Everyone, welcome to Project Quimbly! We at Team Quimbly are happy to have you :D!

Current Game Link: Project: Quimbly Alpha by TeamQuimbly

The official description of our game is as follows and will change throughout development (much like the name) :

Welcome to Project Quimbly (Name patent Pending), a world where you can inflate and stuff all the bellies you desire. Play as a custom named character as you make your way through our wacky world. So far we only have DEB, a Project Quimbly programmed PleasureBot (name also patent pending), who’s only goal is to make sure you have the best player experience!


Currently Implemented

• Stuff Deb (With food pervert! Well for now at least)
• See 20 drawn belly levels for Deb.
• Watch Deb’s max grow every time you feed her. See her go from a skinny white girl to a largely stuffed white girl, hahaha
• Go to the store to buy food with money acquired from your job as a dishwasher
• Have conversations with Deb. (Unfortunately no player participation yet)
• listen to Deb get hornier and hornier as you feed her more.

Not Implemented but planned:

• 5 girls, maybe more as we're planning on doing crossovers with others in the inflation community ;)
Inflate girls with a handy mini game that's still in planning
• A plethora of jobs to do
• UI that doesn't make you wanna vomit
• Sex... Like with big bellies. If people want that is. this is a touchy subject
• Weight gain but only with specific girls
• Dancing mini game to pick up chicks. (Very $wag)
• Much, much more

hoi, so what is quimbly about

Did you post this on accident? There’s nothing here.

Sorry everyone I am on break until next week! At that time I will type out he official description and provide links. For now here’s a link to the game: Project: Quimbly Alpha by TeamQuimbly

So this is my thoughts after playing the demo for the first time “to completion” (got max fullness to 100). I really like a lot of things about this so far, and I hope it’s gotten even better in the patreon exclusive updates. I love the art of Deb, I like the kind of classic travel places and talk to girl dating sim style you have. And honestly, the dialogue is great, I appreciate something that’s willing to actually be a bit flirty/raunchy. However, I did have complaints. The main things I considered faults are

  1. The job is awful. Incredibly boring, kind of buggy and inconsistent. No music whatsoever, and not that much pay. Not to mention that for some reason the job and doing anything with “Deb” takes 15/20 energy. What’s even the POINT of the 5 left over?
  2. Minor complaint, the sound effects are really, really loud. Like I know there’s a slider, but I can put the slider down to below half during feed/inflate and this girl burping still shatters my ear drums.
  3. This is my over-arching general complaint about the entire game: Why is there so much downtime?? Between a screen change for sleeping, 20 or 30 seconds of just sitting looking at a plate/clicking spots for the job, and the mandatory waiting between feeding each food/pumping during the inflate… you can burn like 10 minutes only passing a couple days in this I swear. It’s like mobile game levels of “wait 30 seconds for this to complete” but it’s not trying to make me buy premium gems to skip it, it’s just… waiting for waiting’s sake. I hope this gets changed in future versions, and I know that obviously more stuff to do would cut back on this feeling, but if everything takes up 90% of your energy, and everything has this much delay between actions, it won’t be much better in that regard.
  1. We have a new job that we’re testing that can hopefully cut down on the boringness of it, also talking is supposed to reduce energy in the next updates as there will be a favoribility system that will mean a girl will fall for you to a certain amount before she agrees to stuff herself for you. So talking to them and preforming well on dates can increase favorability. Also I was thinking of working on a max energy increase upgrade the player can get somehow!

  2. We did add the slider to hopefully prevent loud SFX sorry for the inconvenience

  3. It may be like that now but once we add the Dating Sequences and whatnot I feel like it will turn more into a non issue. I do see what you’re saying though and I don’t really know how to remedy it. Mainly because I wanted this game to not be instant gratification but rather a buildup so that when you see a girl get to her max it’s much more exciting than if you could get to the end in like 5 minutes.

Now those being said I enjoy hearing good and bad things about my game! It lets me know what to work on and what to keep doing! Your feedback is greatly appreciated

Edit: Forgot to add but I do greatly appreciate your comment about the dialogue. Fun and flirty was totally the mindset and I wish that other games would use the same formula sometimes! I’m happy to have made something different : )!

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