Above gods, weight gain rpg maker game (New update 1.5.6)

I haven’t done anything on the moon festival yet.

Hey there! I’m not sure if it was answered before or not but in the room with all of the Bad Endings cutscenes, Is it normal that the orange crystal doesnt do anything or did i miss a secret somewhere?

No that’s a bug ill fix it in the next update, thanks for reporting it.

No Problem! I’ll send you a message again if I find something else!
And while i’m at it… Is there a way to deactivate the second laser barrier in the laboratory?

Asking here to avoid cluttering Mr. RPG’s discord. What scenes/pictures aren’t implemented yet? I’ve seen a number of things in the image files and just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed any scenes whilst playing the game.

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You can clutter it all you want. I enjoy hearing people talk about any game stuff. Also to sort of answer your question. Emett makes a ton of sprites for fun and then finds use for them later.

Honestly just the entire first part of the game had a really high spawn rate. Especially the slime area and the first boss.

But I was a bit overly critical/ticked off when I first played. It’s good, but feels kinda tedious at times due to forced difficulty.

Ok ive made na accoutn just to specifically mention that issue, aside from major disconnections between plot anda lack of a more or less coherent rnarrative ( which is ine as ac very linear gameplay isnt something that greatly appreciated whn doen poorly, but when done correctly is greatly satisfying espexially when fetish elements are well integrated. The game is too easy when it coems to soem fights, too difficult when it comes to others. asin the chemical bombs and the moo monster. Theres a discrepency between fight and puzzle difficulty, this gmae is simply too fdifficult to be a fetish game! the shadow people maze is impossible to do, IMPOSSIBLE, itr reaquires beyond human keyboard control. it just angers and disenchatns, i had tried to beat the puzz;le 74 times and faiiled. If you are not lookngi to make nay grander scheme changes, change at least hte shadow maze. The levels are locked temporarily, which makes it difficult to figureo ut what elements of the story you are missign out on. Which isnt helped by the fact that the characters that gave yo uquests say good luck isntead of rephrasing your objective. The blob girl is nowhere to be accessed sicne a boulder is blocking a way, for example. and theres no figuring out when and where youll be able to get to her again. Also theres a gross 2 fetish situations inthe entire game i had encoutnered so far, apart from the moo monster, whose fight is bugged scne after winning you cannot progress iscne the game freezes. Here’s my two cents

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1.Oh thanks for helping me find the moo beast bug its if you stand with your back against the wall the pathing gets blocked so the cut-scene cant finish.

2.I have beat the shadow puzzle myself otherwise i wouldn’t have put it in the game. But a lot of people complain about it so Ill Probably have to make it a lot easier than i have already made it.

3.Most of the time the blocks are to ease the load for me when making the game but i guess the boulder one is kind of unnecessary.

4.Thanks for the balancing feedback as well im going to fix a lot of the old parts of the game to make the combat more enjoyable in the next update. Also im kind of new to story telling and game making so im sorry if it sucks ill try to work on it.

I don’t get what you mean by this part care to explain?

I mean that shadow room isn’t too bad as long as you memorize the path, it’s mostly just that last one at the end that’s super fast

I removed the ones that move at the same speed as you when you sprint. So it should be easier for the next update.

gross meaning total, sorry to he befuddled you. Theres simply too many difficulties in certain areas without much fetish interaaction, i suggest adding defeat animations to fights . that might be great, orr possibly just upping the number of fat characters, random occurences where popeople are fta,get fat and its sexualized or not in one form or another. ifd up that by about 200%, in comparison to for example, tstuffingrpg game by the person whose namei forgotten now ( the german guy, with the premise of hte game being that an eveil goddess of greed and gluttony has infused the world iwth her seed causing massive greed and hunger in females, its an amazing game!) the fetishencounters are much rarer./ that being siadm your game is enjoyable, quite much so and its a real job well done :slight_smile:

Yeah I haven’t gotten around to adding any side quest or girls that get fat while you do things in the story but Ill add some in this next update. Gotta build the skeleton of the game before i can add all the meat.

gotta put some meat on those aching bones, dont forget a nice padding of lard, too <3. release the update already icant wait :wink:

another question, rthe thing that awaits after the shadow is obviously an item, not a game interaction/quest. that woould have sucekd form the point of deisgn, if we were to miss out on interactable content

Yeah i haven’t added any fetish content too the puzzle quest-line yet, but i will at some point.

Im on the third character and now stuck after leaving the cave and defeating the guy and went back to the spirit for the item and now I cant get past the magic circle. So whar do I do now?

so can u make NPC’s gain weight or yourself or what?

So I’m stuck at the iron mountain place. The path north is blocked by dirt piles, the rope just leads to a puzzle and two chests, and the path back the weird monster house is blocked by the talking rock. There’s no other paths I can find.

The puzzles are optional you can just walk past them. The chests are a reward for completing the puzzles there is another way through that you probably missed.