Adipea Roleplay Server! (18+)



A server built on a love of DnD, Roleplaying, weight gain and many other forms of expansion.(No experience Necessary~) For those interested in joining:

Special thanks to Storymaker for making ED&D and allowing us to use and modify it.
ED&D Classic:
ED&D Adipea edits:

Echo_Tine for creating the server and getting the idea spearheaded

And the Adipea Design Team for continuing to be passionate about the project

I will be posting the changelogs for the Adipea edited version here so that everyone can keep up with the progress of the server and the community.


So if i know nothing about dnd i can still join?


Absolutely we’d be happy to teach if you want to learn or if your interest in it is minimal than there are other options for enjoyment


Alright just one question in terms of difficulty how is it? Isit aurora 4x levels of difficulty or…


standard dnd difficulty


Yes but what would you compare it to?
I dont know about dnd


I’d compare dnd difficulty to an RPG. You build your character how you want them to play. It’s got a slight learning curve but once you figure out what you want it’s pretty easy.


Ok I’ll give it a try later thanks for the info


Is there a PDF version of the Edited rules? Cause I like this. I’d never get to run/play a game IRL with it, but I very much like this…


If you go to the link, you can choose to save the PDF of it. In the upper right side, there’s a button that says “Get PDF”.

Of course, we’ve also been updating and adding to the document, so you’ll want to take a look back occasionally to see if there’s anything new.


I would like to let people know that we’re still quite active and always looking for more players.


What’s the server’s name? I can’t seem to find it.


The server is linked at the top of the page.


K thanks. I’ll join later I have a lot going on in life right now.


I can’t seem to find a way to join your server here; is there a link I can use?


it’s the big link in the original post


Continuing on update talk for ED&D we hope you will all welcome the newly added “Way of the Full Circle” Monk subclass.