Adventure and Adipose - Demo 1

Hi everyone! Never posted outside of my own intro thread before, so I hope this is in the right place! I’ve been working for a short while on an RPG Maker game, working title Adipose and Adventure. As you might guess from the name, it’s a fantasy setting derived somewhat from D&D. So far, it doesn’t have have any assets from outside of the base RPG Maker VX Ace game, except for a sprite of a Black Wolf from Flight Rising, as a placeholder, along with everything I made using the engine. I don’t have much so far, only about 15 minutes of content or so. Besides some vague references, there’s no real content relative to our shared interest(s).

In the future though, I plan to include:

An actual plot
Around a dozen unlockable and upgradable party members with unique skillsets and personalities
Gaining content
Optional superbosses

And more!

Link: MEGA

Please report any bugs, typos, or cut off text you encounter and any recommendations you might think of, and please enjoy!

Edit: Wolves should no longer crash the game. Wolves now look like rats, also. Edit 2: Bats should no longer crash the game, and are now regular size. Edit 3: Game should now have all battle sprites and should not require RTP.


Mostly good so far, but you haven’t set a battle sprite for the wolf so the game crashes whenever you encounter one.

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Oh no, seriously? I’ll change out the sprite, wasn’t thinking of the fact that just because the picture was on my computer didn’t mean it would be packed with the game. I’ll replace it with a rat for now, they’re both mammals. Edit: Fixed, hopefully, thanks for letting me know!

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With the bats same thing game crashes they don’t have sprite, but games looks good.

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Right. That picture was also technically a non-default picture. Changed, thank you for mentioning it, and the compliment! I don’t think there was any other sprites like that, at least.

Always loved those RPG-Maker games about weight gain, hope you’ll make a great game from this ^^

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“RPGVXAce RTP is required to run the game”?

yes rpg maker VX Ace

I gottaa download RPG Maker VX to play this game? Shouldn’t it be avalaible for everyone to play?

Hey Blaahblaahblaah, you can make dowloading this thing easier for everyone!

I’m working with VX Ace and you can compress the game INCLUDING the RTP in the Window itself!
It’s under File and then Compress game data (tick “include RTP”) it takes a while but that way everyone can play it without any trouble.

Hope this helped a little bit.

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Never done this before, turns out you have to compress the game data in the game maker to include the RTP. Then compress the resulting file, then upload that. Something I’ll need to remember for future updates. Sorry about the trouble, I should have a version of the demo that works for everyone up very soon!

Edit: Missed the post directly above me, thanks Erronwolf!


Looks like it’s already going to be fixed, but in case this comes up for other RPG Maker games you download in the future, you don’t need the main program itself if that message appears. You just need the Runtime Package, RTP, for the version of RPG Maker the game was made in. They’re provided for free from the RPG Maker website, here.


What does slime do in the game? It comes up with a kind of green mushroom but does it do anything yet? I feel that it could be a good item for weight gaining.