Ahhhh! I feel SO ashamed! >~<

I feel VERY bad and ashamed of a question I asked a while back here, the thought of someone judging me hard and being ridiculed on the internet is enough to just make me feel very ashamed!
First impressions are pretty important to me and yeah that first impression is gonna leave a HUGE mark on me that I can’t even get off me due to posts not being able to be deleted ; - ;
My BF is telling me that I should just not make any posts here on the site then so I don’t end up making my life an absolute hell, which yeah, maybe it’s better off that way and I just hide back in the shadows like I’m known to do.
I really want my apology to reach out so I don’t have to feel very ashamed for such a long time and leave the past behind me!


Don’t get too worried about it, most people aren’t here to make fun of others. We all can say embarrassing stuff from time to time and that by itself doesn’t give anyone the right to shame you for it endlessly.

But really, just don’t worry about it, that post will eventually be lost to time like most are.


Everyone has their own embarrassing moments. But on my first impression on you, you don’t look like a bad person. Rather a person that likes to hang out with anyone. :heart:

Not all first impressions are perfect, I understand. Everyone here are human beings that are willing to improve our past mistakes. Like what another person mentioned, most people aren’t here to make fun of others just for their small mistake they’ve caused, so you don’t really have to worry about it. :heart:


Eh, don’t worry about it. You asked a fairly innocuous question at the end of the day - there’s no denying that with Roblox’s popularity that some enterprising person may have seen an opportunity to create something kink-related. No judgement beyond that. :+1:

Since you were asking about games, are there any particular sorts of game you’re interested in? I’m sure we can find some recommendations!

Bahh, shoulda seen the times this hound gave his classmates in middle and pre school the hebie jeebies, if I were to borrow the chinese japanese lexicon for a moment id say I was a creepy occult chuuni brat, Not helped by the fact the occult is true in the sense I attract spooky shenanigans, more cuckoo than a cuckoo clock back then and the times I had a case of foot in mouth syndrome were numerous, even the administration got annoyed with me! If you’re worried, don’t! many of us be hypocrites if we did hold it against you. Everyone who put there foot in there mouth by speaking without thinking say aye!
Ps Aye!