An important poll regarding Hungry Elves - now closed!

So, this is a bit of a different post, since we are having a bit of a discussion in our group at the moment.
The gist of it is that we have been seriously considering to abandon this project and instead make something entirely new as a team.
We are pretty torn right now, since we did say we are working on this and don’t want to let you guys down, but techincally Hungry Elves is already done and finished, so we really don’t know which way to go forward.
That’s why we’re asking you guys! I will put up a poll and you can say what you prefer: Do we make the expansion, or do we make our own game with possibly similar mechanics but a different story etc.?
You decide!

  • Finish the Expansion!
  • Make your own game!

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The poll will stay open until this Sunday, after which I will take down this topic, so make sure to vote with your opinion!


Hello, I just recently know about this expansion, and I’m a big fan of the game, I’ll give it a try right now, but as far as I can see you already have done a lot of job, it would be great if you can finish it and then make your own game, I think it will be something great for all the fans of the game.
If that cannot be done by your reasons, well, you are right, Hungry Elves is an already finished game, it can have even more story or even a sequel since it have an enjoyable lore, but if the idea of making your own game makes you happy, it would be great for all.

Do whatever you guys feel is right and have more passion for. You’ll get more done if you enjoy what you’re doing more.


this is my vote as well. i dont have any strong feelings either way and i’d rather u guys did whatever u think is most sustainable for u


To add my own 2 cents why not both in order of time
Expansion first, to gain experience and figure out your groups style and dynamics maybe get inspiration for events, Easter eggs and other such as well as polish the game smoothing flaws and give it one last hurrah
Game second, allowing you time to plan it, form it, make it better using what experience you gained prior bringing in talent when needs must and make it a lovely homage to prior work or into something new
In other terms why only have one course at the all you can eat buffet
Ps I recommend you look through other already made games to get inspiration if you feel lost at all and most importantly do it at your pace and enjoy yourselves, too many people burn themselves out with deadlines and obligations look at super fatty rpgs creator
Edit good luck


So many games, I honestly forgot what this is specifically, but even if I did, I’d just mimic what others are saying: Do what makes you happy.

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I can’t decide, mainly because new content is new content to me. Might as well be the devil’s advocate and say neither. If I can’t have my cake and eat it too, then nobody can. Don’t take this personally, folks.


I do like Hungry Elves it is a fun game but…I would love to see want kind of game you guys can make so I Vote NEW GAME.

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I guess it depends on how expansive, for lack of a better term, you’re planning to make the expansion.

If it’s almost done then yeah, I say push to finish up the expansion and then work on your own game.

If it’s not, then I say go for your own game and maybe release a final short update of H.E. explaining the situation at the end so you guys don’t get inundated with “is there any more?” every time someone new plays the game. You know, like how Super Fatty RPG kept getting bumped with people asking if there’s more for like… months after the game had its final release even with “Final Release” in the thread title.


Personally, I think the characters are cute from Hungry Elves, so i’m a bit biased in that sense, but if it doesn’t feel as rewarding to just expand on the game, then try a new venture.

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Oh, this is actually a very fair point I failed to mention!

The expansion would encompass two new… I wanna say “chapters” of story set after the original game with new characters and quests. The thing is that we had just gotten done with spritework and basic planning when the artist issue popped up, so we have basically some sprites, some events and a fair chunk of dialogue prepared, but we’re missing maps, sprites of new characters and basically everything else.

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I’d say finish the expansion, because if you abandon a project you already started it would come back to bite you in the ass later, hell if you wanted to start the new project In the later stages of the project, that would work too

My two-cents on this is that Hungry Elves is already done and is already amazing, so making a new game would let you create something completely new and do something different

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Ah, alright. Thanks for the reply filling me in.

Then I say go for your own game then if there’s that much to do. Hungry Elves is its own completed game, and there’s no need to slog through more if you’re being pulled towards something else.


I wanted to make a little update to remind everyone that the poll will be closed in almost exactly two hours so our team can get a plan for what we will do next done today.
So, if you wanted to place a vote or maybe even change your decision, this is your last chance!

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Might I suggest not taking this topic down? I believe leaving it up will prevent people from asking questions about the poll in the future if this topic stays posted :+1:

Hehe, fair point.
I kinda forgot that I don’t have permission to delete topics, so I just sent out a request to the mods. The topic should be gone in a little while, hopefully at least

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