Anna's summer abroad

Just started a short new text-adventure (or just interactive story, cause it’s in story form), with a similar theme to Kate’s Uni days, Sarah goes to college, etc. I kind of put it together quickly, and it may be a little self-indulgent at times, and perhaps sentimental at times. But anyway, here it is!
I may be expanding it later, but for now it’s just a quick run through a six-week trip, and there’s no magic or intentional weight gain, so the gain is slight, even in the most fattening path. But note that the character downplays this a little, in part because the kilogram-pound difference makes her underestimate how much she’s gained.

Anyway, here’s the link:


Nice linear-style story! I thought breaking it up into segments that you click to proceed through was smart. Big paragraphs all at once tend to make people skim.

Like you said, it’s different from the gamebook point-and-click adventure style that Quest users normally produce. With that comes its own set of challenges; I think it’s harder to write as long of a game without the minutiae of player involvement (searching rooms, interacting with objects, etc). But it sets itself apart because of that.

I hope you continue it and expand on what worked in this little demo!

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Shame we’re reliant on Lester bc I didn’t particularly want to pick him (I prefer women) but this seems like the start to a fun game.


fun to play cant wait for more :slight_smile: and if you need any 1 to bounce ideas off or want suggestions send me a message and ill gladly help

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Cant wait to play more

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Thanks you for your generous feedback! Yeah, I’m considering changing converting it to twine, or possibly figuring out my way around Quest.

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I found it endearing the way you bent Quest away from its maze-like point-and-click gameplay. Although Twine will service you better in the long run!

Not that there’s anything wrong with Quest if it’s within scope of what you want to do (and there’s theoretically a higher skill ceiling than most people observe if you’re good at coding), but Twine is beautifully straightforward for these kinds of milestone & choice-based stories. Meanwhile, Quest kind of fights you past a certain point. And there’s a richer amount of personalization and control over the way you want players to experience your narrative in Twine. I think it’ll translate well.

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