Any male focused/male inclusive projects out there?

I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while to find projects which suit my interest, but many of these games are geared towards straight guys. do any of you know of some good projects which can be enjoyed by a gay guy?


Super Fatty RPG is very good, you most likely already know about it tho.

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As @AlphardBlack mentioned SuperFattyRPG would be good to look at. The main character’s gender is intentionally left undefined and the character doesn’t have boobs unless you do a specific event to get them.

There is Gaining Perspective with was created originally to have a male main character(although he added an option to play as a female too)

Fetishmaster can easily be played with main characters, although some of the content is female locked.

Some of our Fat Fortnight games were also made to have the gender of the character be ambiguous.

I think i’m missing a few, but i think there is a couple other ones out there.

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There have been a few test of theory games which present the concept. However, I’v been looking for such game here and elsewhere for ages. If you find something do post, I would love to see.

You can play as a male or female in Fatty Text Adventure Game.