Any more games like these three?

I’ve taken at least a quick look at most of the games featured around here, and while there were a lot that just weren’t for me or were good but short, there have been three that I found particularly engrossing. Those three are Seeds of Destiny, Vale City, and Edypos. Are there any other games I might have overlooked that have detailed female custom art and include WG as part of their mechanics (rather than it just being part of isolated scenes)?

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Hey, welcome to the community! I know you mentioned some games were shorter than you like but there is a multitude of games from the recent Gain Jam that may interest you (you can search with the category “Gain Jam 8/20” for these games or even click on the category on the home page). The jam’s theme was weight as a mechanic, so although they may be shorter since they were made in a 2 week period, you might find something you like in there!

If you like Seeds of Destiny, my discord has a good sized list of other preg focused games although most of those games are nsfw. As for games that use weight mechanics, that is pretty difficult to find outside of here.

Sure, my discord: PreggoPixel's Games

Thanks. I did look at a few of the game jam games. Feed the Crown was really good, and I’d love to see Monjoshi Conquest and Adventurer Feeding Project expanded further.