Any reccomendations...?

There are some good games in this forum but most of them are female WG oriented which is not my kink, I find it hard to find some that include male WG in it, I was wondering if anyone else feels the same and if they would reccomend any games like that.


I understand that Gaining Perspective is male-oriented… But a bit intense.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what else there really is. There’s Boundless, but that’s generally more androgyne than masculine.

There is a way to search with tags some of the games have either female or male tags if their only about those things.


Noone’s fatty text adventure and Super Fatty RPG are the best ones for male stuff in my opinion

Most fat fetish artists are attracted to females, mostly because women are generally seen as soft and men are typically seen as strong. In something like a muscle fetish ,men are much more prominent and women are less.
So just know that you’re in a niche part of an already niche thing.5

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I think these search results are a bit biased, as most people on that site do not tag images correctly. If you search by new and filter just fat you get a ton of male stuff.

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There were a ton of male-focused games or games that contained male stuff submitted this year for the game jam, so I would suggest looking there.

And there’s certainly no dearth of male weight gain content on furaffinity or deviantart (or other art site). Its not as much of a niche as people think.

mainly because fat is often used in referring to how endowed a man is.

That wasn’t what I meant, I was talking solely about the actual “fat” content.