Anyone up for board games?

Me and a few others have been playing some games over on Vassal (B-17 Queen of the Skies, Tsuro, Betrayal at House on the Hill and Red Dragon Inn, just to name a few) and were just curious if anyone wanted to start a group of board gamers here and if anyone had some good suggestions that we can play either online or over Vassal. I’d personally love to try Illuimnati, but I am fairly open to any games. Most games are run by our personal board game expert, you may know her as Pandoran_Mechromancer on here. We are fairly spur of the moment right now, but if we can get a more organized group together then we may be able to plan things, especially considering some of our time zones. Drop us a post or a message if you’re interested!

I’ll check it out.

I might be up for that.

Anyone else interested? I am gonna give this a bump and see if there are other who would also like to start up a group.

sure i’d join a game.