Apocalypse XL - Stuffing Focused RPG, postapocalypse college / city setting - 0.18 "Raccoon In The Trash"

A game about a bunch of dysfunctional college students surviving the end of the world. Everyone gets a mutant super power and the main character’s is being able to eat a ton.


This game is focused primarily on stuffing thanks to our hungry dog girl who will shove absolutely anything into her mouth. Vore happens somewhat frequently, but no fatal on humans, the only things that “die” are explicitly soulless monsters. I tend to treat vore kind of like a subset of stuffing, a whole person is a lot of stuff to put in your belly! For weight gain, don’t expect the protagonist to get huge, some secondary characters will get fat but weight doesn’t tend to stick on Amber permanently. I consider it more fun that way!

Apocalypse XL v0.18 “Raccoon In The Trash”

Continues the main story, one new sidequest.

  • Find a raccoon in the trash who is full of exciting prizes.
  • Visit the anime club again and see how our favorite snake is doing.
  • Go on a quest with Summer to find the last Twinkie on Earth.

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To transfer your save, open the “www” folder in your previous instillation, and copy the “save” folder into the new version’s “www” folder. Note that saves from the “demo” version aren’t compatible with the full game. (If you want to skip the section in the demo, enter 8762 in the ATM.)

Please let me know if you find any bugs :wink:


Hi and welcome to the forum!

A very accomplished demo! Savvy writing, enjoyable characters and a premise that just dives straight in! The character art sprite work and level layouts are all excellent and well-considered - the college map, though quite roomy, has a sensible layout all told. I dig that the college dorm has become a haven for fellow refugees of the apocalypse and, beyond simply being the characters’ home, I feel this location will continue to be of import to the story if the survivor population was to grow, or something was to follow the duo back home…

Whilst I do enjoy how the story presents a lot to the player as established fact, it would be nice to see some flashback as to how Amber and Janet first developed their mutations, how Amber discovered her eating powers and her ability to digest metal.

Honestly, nothing feels amiss so far. Excellent job!


First, thanks for Alex for pointing up to this game! Weird that I missed it having those tags…

Anyway, this was a superb start, you built a world and it shows on the lore and art, every NPC having it’s ways to adapt to their new realities while not forgetting that deep down, they are still college students. Gotta love the vampire, and the blue girl!

I’m horrible at reviews, but because I saw the ending’s secret, I will say that I loved the personalities that you put into the plants, made me interact with anything green that I saw.
That, and the trash cans. Yes, I want you to describe them all.

Finally, some of the vending machine contents do peaked my interest… Can’t wait to see more updates!! Great job!!!

EDIT: forgot to say that I looked the whole place for the door of the RA’s dorm like a dummy… and I would do it again!


It’s like Some Bullshit meets Lisa, very charming setting that’s immediately easy to get into. The mentally-overtaken mutants make a nice excuse for enabling vore; it always takes me out of it a bit whenever the contents of a gut aren’t allowed to digest properly.

Honestly a very polished demo: I noticed nary a typo (not that I was looking terribly hard) nor was there anything broken in terms of game logic or even really all that unintuitive. Combat felt nicely balanced between challenging and reasonable as well.

I must however note that on two separate occasions, the visuals of the application simply locked up: once while innocuously strolling through the middle of the dorm hall, and once after selecting an option in the second fight. The game logic is still interactable, but it effectively requires a hard reset. It’s something that’s occurred to me a handful of times in various RPGMaker titles (on multiple devices, mind) but usually very rarely, so twice in the space of 20 minutes perhaps indicates some sort of issue? I’m no Maker wizard, so anyone more experienced feel free to dismiss this if it’s a user-end problem.


I absolutely had Lisa in mind while designing the mutants. Their ‘souls’ get absorbed into a hive-mind and stay there even if the body dies, which isn’t quite explained in the demo, but should be clear fairly early on in the full game. Much like Yu-Gi-Oh’s Shadow Realm, I have invented what is arguably a fate worse than death to avoid having the protagonist’s enemies actually die. At least in this case, her eating them isn’t what’s sending them there :wink:

This is my first time making an RPGMaker game so I have absolutely no idea what could cause the freezing, especially if it happens in other games.


This comment makes me so happy I’m so glad you’re interested in poking around at things <3


I tried to say in a way as not to give away much, because I do like finding those small surprises and wouldn’t want to spoil them for anyone.

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Fun so far! Looking forward to the EXCLUSIVE PRIZES, whatever those are, lol.


While I cna’t say I personally enjoyed my time (modern college humor is just lost on me…), I have to give props with the amount of effort you put on this demo. You do seem to have a good understanding of things you want done and the art is quite cute (if a little derivative of Clinko’s art…). I’m always one to support RPGMaker projects that are trying to actually make the game feel like its own thing.

Will say, your thread title and description is a tad false, there’s clearly fatal vore and you jump straight into the apocalypse. There is no contemporary college shenanigans.


never in my whole life did i think i would ever hear “twinkie chemical warfare”
this is some of the better writing in games ive ever seen, keep up this style of writing


Yeah the segment in the demo is a bit more apocalypse than college. The idea with the enemy mutants is that their souls have already left their bodies and they’re basically zombies, which makes “killing” them not actually killing. Explaining that before any vore happens will be high priority for the full game.

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(edit: misspelled a name)

it’s like eating zombies (if you have the stomach for that.) A weird grey area between vore and stuffing. Zombies aren’t people anymore, so its not fatal vore. But its obviously not just stuffing either, because it is still a humanoid thing that you’re eating still.

this does give me the opportunity to bring up a small concern I have.

Discussion of events in this demo, light musing about what is and is not murder in vore

The way the enemies work in this game has in built possibilities for something that is even more unclear than what we get to see in this demo. What about that 7-11 thing that we had to fight? The main character says that the process takes about a week to go from infected person to souless monster. And having to fight someone in the middle of that process presents us with (for some, myself included) a very uncomfortable dillemma. I feel like zenthicks is already aware of this but it never hurts to be sure with these kinds of things. Touching on that even darker grey area can interest some people, but its a repellant to people like me.


This is something I’ve considered, yeah. Amber will never digest anything that’s midway through the process, only stuff that’s completely soulless. That’s why Seven Eleven doesn’t get eaten. (Along with the fact that there’s no way she could fit it inside her yet.) In my imagination, Seven Eleven turning to Slurpee is actually the final form of its mutation, but that doesn’t really need to be clear ingame, just a funny thought.

I’m generally aiming for a dark comedy sort of tone, making light of any dark implications rather than stirring on them. No need to worry about things getting dark to the point of being upsetting.


I just finished up the demo and I have to say I really like the feel of the game. It feels like it’s own thing. I only say this because while I’ve never seen it done poorly and haven’t seen games go beat for beat with each other causing them to feel same-y, I do feel like a good amount of the rpg maker games(at least that I’ve played)fall into the fantasy setting a lot so I like this game being more of sci-fi setting with the mutations and apocalypse stuff. I really like the characters. Keith is just amazing and Amber and her roommate are really cool as well. I really like how Amber digested things, in a metaphorical sense as it took her some time to feel things out and she’s just trying to make the best of a really rough situation. Really an amazing game in my eyes and your art is really good and I feel like it stands from other artist who work on games here.

Now I am going to add one more thing and this one is not a critique, complaint or anything of the such, just giving my opinion on the game and everything I found.

I did find it, for lack of a better term “odd” when Amber was revealed to be trans. When I use the world odd I do not mean it in a mean spirited way as It’s something I’ve never seen before in a game like this so I didn’t expect it but it sets Amber apart from other character in the world you’re building as well as other characters on the site and I like that. It also pushes the fact that this game takes place in a much more modern setting which is something again that I actually really like. If anything this is just more so me feeling conflicted about it due to my own reasons, but at the end of the day it did not retract from my overall enjoyment of the game.

I’m really interested to see how this develops further as you continue to work. You’ve set such a solid foundation for an absolutely stellar game. I hope that your endeavors continue to go smoothly and that you enjoy your time working on the project. I look forward for what you have in store!


this rules. need more expeditiously


love this game cant wait for more


I have to say that this is pretty great as a demo. It isn’t so much because it is the best thing ever, but rather more that it’s good without having anything wrong with it. I can’t even think of a minor complaint, which has never happened before. I really hope that this pans out, because it has a ton of potential.




This is a flaw in the engine that no game maker is responsible for but all of them could fix:

originally told to me by unable2win at this post Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game - #2072 by Unable2Win

copy pasted here:

First go into the games “www” folder and from there open the “js” folder. Once there open the file “rpg_core” in Notepad or some other text editor. Once open, you need to find the line:
if (this._skipCount === 0)
You can use ctrl+f to quickly find it. Once you have found it you need to replace it with this line:
if (this._skipCount < 0)

I found this fixes the visuals freezing. Make sure to save your changes before exiting. Also you will need to do this again once the new update comes out.


I’ve tested the above fix in dozens of games and it always works. It has to do with letting go of buttons and rpgmaker handling the logic incorrectly.


First of all, I love the art, it really helps to portrait the characters, how they change mid dialog is also an very welcome feature!
I appreciate how , for the demo at least, there are no random battle and just ones staged to make a difference, or set ones, like in Lisa the Painful, otherwise I would recommend using like Speed Up | RPG Maker Forums the Speed up add-on. Pokémon Insurgence uses it giving 5 different speeds, speeding up the grinding quite a bit and you change with a hotkey.

The HP of the mobs i was unsure at first how to feel about them, maybe test a bit on the normal attack by buffing a bit, or giving a HP bar. The Twinkies sure did help and were VERY welcome tho!

Overall, great Demo and I can’t wait what you will do next! Cheers~