Apocalypse XL - Stuffing Focused RPG, postapocalypse college / city setting - 0.4.2 "Cat Wrangling"

most vore heavy segment of the game
Thank you for this game so much and i’mma enjoy this update a lot~

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as a certified Gaining Enthusiast :tm: , the resident fat chick was the ONLY real choice. love madison and claire though.

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I was surprised Madison is so high in the poll since she doesn’t have much content involving her yet. Happy about it though since she’s one of my own favorites.


Hey, I’m liking the game a lot so far. I seem to have an issue with the latest version though. When I have Rachel and am travelling to the bandit hideout, Janet doesn’t seem to be in my team, even though she is there in the cutscenes. Is this intentional? It makes the fights really difficult just having Amber, I tried several times to fight Cat and Marcus in the front entrance and just cant defeat them. Did I screw up by accident earlier and now dont have Janet in my party because of a bug?

This should be fixed now, thank you for finding this. If you or anyone else needs to add Janet back into the party, enter 1010 in the ATM. (Only works in the 0.3.1 version)

slides you a crisp $1 bill how about we make this the second most vore heavy segment in the game, huh? for real though, amazing update as usual. can’t really say anything i haven’t already, you’re awesome and this game is awesome. excited to see what’s next :slight_smile:


Version 0.4.0 is now out on Patreon, and will be public in 2 weeks.


Three new sidequests. Four different girls with bellies. Amber looks at a jewelry store and decides it’s close enough to a McDonalds.


i am absolutely excited for v0.4 release to here, i totally forgot i played this gem during the jam and i figured i’d check back for updates. loved the game so far, and i am sure i’ll keep loving it more and more.

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We are offically now at the halfway point for the public release of the next update. I am so going to play it as soon as it drops.

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I lost my previous save to computer issues, but I don’t even mind replaying this entire game.

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honestly i wouldnt mind either if i lost mine, cause there are some things that i didnt try out before advancing areas n stuff

Happy Thanksgiving, gamers!


Tomorrow is the day, everybody. I am so super hyped.


Version 0.4.2 “Cat Wrangling”

This version implements the sidequest system and includes three sidequests. To access them, use the new quest board above and to the left of Keith.

  • Go on a threeway date with Annie and Cat. Eat an entire plate of caviar. Rub some bellies.
  • Give Madison a hand in using her powers. Learn how to eat like an Amber.
  • Rob a jewelry store with Summer. Eat jewelry. Shake your stomach and listen to it.
  • Reworked some stats to make combat better. Janet now has natural MP regeneration (she photosynthesizes.) Amber’s burp attack generates a lot of TP. Most food items restore more Calories. The idea is to encourage using Janet’s spells and make Amber actually need to eat food items.

Join my Patreon for perks such as early releases and HD art files.

To transfer your save, open the “www” folder in your previous instillation, and copy the “save” folder into the new version’s “www” folder. Note that saves from the “demo” version aren’t compatible with the full game. (If you want to skip the section in the demo, enter 8762 in the ATM.)

Please let me know if you find any bugs :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile: This game is looking as good as Some Bullshit which is no.1 in stuffing genre ATM I guess :smiley:


I could never get into Some Bullshit myself, but I ADORE this game! Can’t wait to play the new update later!

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this is truly the update of all time

amber my beloved

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This was a Cute little update.