Apostles (Latest Update 0.10: July 2023)

After a year of putting it off, I finally got around to playing 0.9 and 0.10 and was reminded why I love this game to begin with. The writing, as always, is peak.

Concluding thoughts:

Beeg Gretel : )


Considering that we had two updates for Sebastion/Heather and Gretel respectively, I don’t think that it will involve them, at least not directly. While it would make sense for it to be L related, based on previous comments that Waxered made about the length of her backstory I don’t think that that is likely. The only character from Auburnwoods that is likely to have any major story impact should be Thomas, but his purpose is something that should be a massive surprise, not something that Waxered thought we might guess. Cynthia is locked to Sebastion right now, so it shouldn’t involve her directly. The Saviors could have something to do with it, but we don’t know much about how they fit into the wider world, so we shouldn’t have guessed that. Hog can’t say anything, his mouth is too full.

The only major character that leaves is Penny, and the only revelation that I could think of that would be both massive (heh) and guessable based off of context clues would be her being the Apostle of Greed. Firstly, she runs a magical casino that is named after a city of literal sin. Secondly, she knows all of the major players in the world and feels comfortable dealing with them as an equal. Finally, in the beginning of the game Sebastion makes a joke about Gretel worshiping Avaricia based off of how much money she gave Ed & Al, and she responds about wishing that there could be 4 Niss. The way that she says it makes it seem like she is lamenting a missed opportunity because she knew who Greed was and thought that they would want to help, but they didn’t. The only person who fits the bill is Penny.

There’s my tinfoil hat theory.


tbh, I feel if anything, it’s going to be something broader. every other character had a plot twist that showed a little besides L. The way I see it, it can be something involving her but not fully.

and honestly, quite fitting, since the whole shtick with L is her influencing others. the fact something so important to her person would affect everybody else in a way but not her is quite ironic.

and considering how far behind she is on the trauma arc there’s probably a whole bible of backstory and lore on her that needs to be updated it’s bound to be a surprise no matter what it is

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@justafatass The real Apostles were the friends we fattened along the way!

@Spanner Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed! And for the record…Gretel has not even truly become Beeg yet, but that will be changing!

This update will feature about 65% Lily, 25% Gretel, 5% Sebastian, and about 15% other stuff!

As for Penny, good guess! I will neither confirm or deny! Either way I’m glad she’s become auch a notable character in the story!

A Lily backstory will be coming soonish, but I won’t confirm or deny when. But it actually is fairly short, especially compared to Sebastian and Gretel. Unlike the other two, she isn’t part of the SECRET ANCIENT SECRETS club, and doesn’t have over 2 centuries of life to cover.


I can’t say I’m surprised. Gretel really needs to grow into her new role. Penny, Jacob, and the bedbound girl all outweigh her. I can’t help but think that’s a thing that gets on her nerves.


Well, since Waxer said I should post this here… I might as well.

Way back when the Muffin Mystery update dropped, as a joke, I started spoofing part of a Sherlock Holmes story to give him some horny motivation to get stuff done. Since then, as I have gone through different jobs and eventually set up to work for myself, I approached him to ask for permission to use Lily, Sophia, and his Apostles cast in spoofing Sherlock Holmes further, and with his permission, I’m posting here the first chapter of the first part of the first official Lily S. Awesome story - Split Seams in Scarlet!!

Each of these novels will be a spoof of Sherlock Holmes, with Lily as Holmes and Sophia as Watson, while Veronica is their landlady and occasional helper. Other prominent characters will be involved, none as the dead people, obviously. And I’ll be blending the humour and fatty love Apostles has with the classic Conan Doyle mysteries and working it all together with some lunacy of my own (with some saucy breaks to show L’s writing process).

The first Chapter, Ms. Lily S. Awesome, can be read here - Split Seams in Scarlet: Chapter 1 by Narsilcmorovja on DeviantArt

You will need to watch to read, but that’s so I can keep to my business model. Next chapter comes up next month.


Thank you again for your work, it was very flattering to see and fun to read!

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