Small bugfix added.
Sorry about the saves, but as I learned all to late new plugins break saves. Who knew :frowning: Sorry, this won’t happen again. Right now there are 3 saves already loaded up and ready to go to start the new content.
Save 1 had Gretel chosen as who to lead the adventurers and look for Dina, Save 2 had Lily, and Save 3 had Sebastian.

This version is hopefully stable but save often! And if you need it a save is there already shortly before the start of the new content.
Saves from an old version CAN be transferred. To do so go to your original file folder, then into the folder marked “www” and copy the folder names “Save” then go to the latest version of Apostles you want to play, go into THAT “www” folder and paste the “save” folder. (Overwriting the existing folder.)

And this update was helped along massively by others helping me in art, story and bugtesting so please do check the credits file to pay respects their, those brave souls saved you from many many many of my bugs. And shout to one of them logitechk1 who has an ongoing story right now with plenty of weight gain. And if you like Lily’s gifts or just…weight gain in general you’ll like the story. https://www.deviantart.com/logitechk1/art/Lydia-s-bond-chapter-1-832940630

Anyway hope everyone enjoys!

Approximate play time is around 3-4 hours. Fair warning, the game is very SLOW in the beginning, and likely won’t even feel like a WG themed game for the first hour or so, (but it’s there I promise!) Anyway I would recommend this game in it’s current state as something to play on a lazy weekend rather then something for a quick fix of WG goodness.

Lastly please message me if you find any bugs, or other errors. Or if you want to give me a suggestion on what you’d like to see in the future, I’m more then happy to hear if anyone shares my love for this kind of story! -WaxerRed. https://www.deviantart.com/waxerred/art/Apostles-V0-1-822548503


I second the question on DA, it looks like it’s impossible to go back out of the mayor’s house. The area under the hole is not passable, like it was when walking in.


i can’t play rpg maker MV my black screen pc and then it doesn’t appear the screen again i wanted to play rpg maker MV style games so much

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Hey, I also get stuck after the Mayor scene. I think it has something to do with the tile that pushes the characters forward into the cut-scene trigger but will not allow movement out. A quick fix might be to delete the dead tree and its collision tile in the alley left of the mayor’s house or the hole beside the door. Otherwise the pushing tile would need to be disabled after the dialogue with the mayor.

had the same happen I can leave the building but the can’t move past the hole and the dead try

Sorry all, last second tune up turned into a new bug. Uploading a full fix now but here is a save just after that part for anyone who doesn’t want to download the whole file. 1000x sorry for the early blunder. https://mega.nz/#!mC4g1Aya!6MIPCV4LSufa097SWjMG8DvT_ww2T3Nr9xTVQOkiroA


you still cant go in the house

Save is after that point, so you should be able to explore the rest of town unhindered.

But if that doesn’t work, full new file is up, Sorry all for the error out of the gate, hope the rest of the game goes smoother.

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Well, I’ve got one more bug report. I went upstairs in the inn as Gretel, but now the stairs don’t go back down!

Dang! Well I’ll see to that one as well, should be able to circumvented currently by swapping to lily.

And, ah, just one more! Whenever I interact with Paul’s house, this message keeps repeating every few seconds. It clears each time, but I have to restart the game to make it stop coming back.

hmmm, that’s a more puzzling one. I didn’t get that on my more recent go through, so I’m not sure. If anyone who also has the problem or someone more familiar with RPGmaker can tell me more about it ill make a fix. Otherwise if it doesn’t happen again I’ll just chalk it up to RPGmaker being weird.

But big thanks for the bug reports! Clearly my fine-tuning skills need some fine-tuning.

Hm. I reused my saves from the previous version, do you think that might have done it?

I don’t think so, the only difference between the 2 versions should have been me checkmarking that dang tree to allow walkthrough.
Were you able to proceed through the game by restarting? I can offer another save if that doesn’t work.

I was able to proceed by restarting, but it may come back if I enter Paul’s house again. I was able to trigger it twice: the first time with Gretel by just knocking on Paul’s door, and the second with Sebastian when he went inside. I assume it’s trying to call a sound file but not finding it?

EDIT: Also, Lily can’t go downstairs, either, so going upstairs seems to be a dead end until that’s patched.

yeah odd. I did get it from a third part location, so that might be it as well. Bad thing is that it is used several times through the game so I’ll have to make another big fix. (Lily can I found that bug, it’s just an action instead of a touch. So hit space on that.)

Not quite sure what to make of the audio bug. Before I start ripping out sound files, from the game I’ll wait to see if it’s reported by anyone else. It could be your download had an error and didn’t get it, or perhaps certain computers don’t play it? Sorry. thank you for your patience with this.

If you aren’t able to find a way around it, I’ll upload a save at the next part.

i wonder it does look like a lot of the place is wreaked? would it fix over time as the game moves on?

Some repair does happen in the current update, but yes it will be happening in the background of the game.

oh yeah thats what I ment it was a “as the game goes on and the main three help out the vilage does it start looking better” kind of question