Oh I am so ready for this feast and can not wait to see where this story is going.


ooh like a split storyline? Kinda epic tho


I vaguely remember playing an earlier version of this game a long time ago but have just recently noticed that there is an updated version on here.

I downloaded the game and there was a save file already there, this file is right before a room where you can look through memories with all the people in town. after going through that room a message says it is the end of the game.

Is this the end of the new content or do I somehow have the wrong version of the game, because i vaguely remember that room.


That is the end of the new content I’m afraid to say. While 0.1 ended in that room, 0.2 was an update that added the memory paths to all those routes.

Don’t worry though early next month is the plans for 0.3 and while MY INTERNET KEEPS DROPPING I still plan to meet that date. :slight_smile:

Hope you and everyone else enjoys!


I started playing this and wasn’t expecting much, and now I wanna play it because I legitimately care about the characters and the story!
I never thought someone could make something so cinematic in fuckin’ RPG maker!

You, sir, are a talented writer and i deeply look forward to anything else you make, not even just this game.


Aww thanks! Always makes my day to hear when people like what I do!

And if you are looking for other story driven games in RPGmaker I recommend

SB-Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game Update # 8
Which starts off pure comedy, but in recent updates has been getting deeper and deeper into the lore and has been all around fun with plenty of mini games to spice up the default rpg maker experience.

And in a non-WG but still fetish sense I highly recommend to all

One of the best games I’ve ever played, and one of my biggest inspiration to start this project. I’d give a description, but the game is 60 hours long and counting so I’ll let anyone who wants to play go in blind!

And thanks again for the kind words!


Wait, what’s the fetish for The Last Soverign?
From the splash screen on the blogspot, I’m guessing monster girls?

Not really. Only one monster girl as of yet. Really a mixed bag for the harem. Humans, half-lings, elves, drwarves, demons, goddesses.

But really you start playing for the sex, but by the end you’re playing it for the investment spreadsheets you make.


Honestly, the only thing missing from it in terms of aesthetic groups is larger ladies. Maybe someone will end up modding that in.

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TLS is pretty much a grand adventure that includes harem and kingdom building concepts. Lots of mature themes including politics and choices with overarching consequences. I haven’t played the last 2 or 3 versions, so I’m not sure what’s been added, but the main fetish am aware of is corruption. There’s plenty of vanilla and some bdsm themed sex for specific characters and places, but overall pretty mainstream. Absolutely no weight gain or expansion themes as far as I know.

Not really sure I’d call it corruption. There isn’t any real drug/magic changes in the characters turning them degenerate.

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There’s a few critical points that I can think of that deal directly with corruption. The elf girl who’s name I forget can be restored or mind blasted to a slut, same for the cursed lucky girl. Then the overall theme of resistance and relenting to corruption being both good and bad accompanied by a number of important player decisions. Corruption is a central theme, but its not quite the one way sliding scale usually represented in other games.


True points. I just wanted to clarify as ‘corruption’ can have a broad meaning in NSFW games. As you said it’s usually a one way sliding scale that has the girls go starting from ‘normal’ to ‘throwing everything away to be happily gangbanged by 37 orc cocks a day.’ Or the girls being manipulated and slowly corrupting into the power trip fantasy sex-dolls of the MC

Which is fine, I dig that kind of game as well. :slight_smile: Just not what players should expect in the TLS.

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Hello! I must say this was a very interesting project! I really hope the next update coming continues from where it left off as it left off right as the WG and such started.

Also, this project takes forever, I rushed a lot of parts I was not interested in (When you have as a huge cast as you do, there are bound to be parts not everyone enjoy! And that is fine! :slight_smile: ) and it still took me roughly 6 to 7 hours.

But I do look forward to the update! Well done!

Thank you! Glad I piqued your interest. No worries, part of the reason I made a larger cast was to make sure there was a little something for everyone.

Hope you like the next update coming soon as well!

Just want to give a head’s up to anyone reading. I plan to put out the net update on the 9th. A bit of a short one, but hopefully will have some things you’ll find fun!

Good news, I’ve found some plugins that will help make the game a bit more unique, adds just another new way to make content that is not just the default RPGmaker experience.

Bad News, I learn now that plugins break old saves. So, oops :frowning: Don’t worry I’ll add saves in the update that will start right at the new content, but sorry for the loss of any old saves.

This will be the only time I add new plugins that break saves. As of right now the choices don’t affect all that much save a little text variation, but starting with this next update choices will matter quite a bit more. SO right now my plan is to search for and add pretty much every plugin I might ever need, so that even if I don’t use them this second, it wont break anything if I decide to start using them later.

So if you have any plugins you think I should add now, please say now!- Or forever hold your peace.

Anyway that’s about it, release on the 9th, sorry about the saves!


Wow an update just before the gain jam comes out. I’m not familiar enough with rpgmaker and plugins yet to suggest any. I feel like a quest journal plug in seems like a universal helpful guide so players don’t get stuck or forget what they’re doing if they play the game in segments. After thinking about it a little bit. An enemy health bar plug in would be good for any instances of where battle is important.


Oh yeah! I wonder if we ever will go see the Baron and his land! I understand the story is to be around this famine town but would be a fun little side adventure! :joy:

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Would certainly be fun! But I think my sprite guy might strangle me if I asked him to draw all those…‘devout followers of the Niss’ (who coincidentally all happen to be a little rounder then average rpgmaker sprites)

Maybe we’ll go one day :slight_smile: , but the main point of the Baron’s lands for now is to imply that this isn’t the first rodeo for our three, they’ve been at this game for a few years now.

Glad to hear, been eagerly waiting to return to the town of Auburnwoods, we can call this a birthday present :^)