Last progress report before update.

I’ll get the update out this month or die trying!


Given that I tend to forget what the last update gave, yes

Thanks for looking into the bug.

As to getting out the update or dying, you need not worry. Gretel will simply throw a stone in the air and have it not come down, and everything will be all right.

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Gretel has quite a curious habit when you think of it. Throwing a rock so that it doesn’t come back is possible if you throw it hard enough.

I mean Gretel can create a castle from nothing. For comparison, if she is converting energy to mass, creating an object from nothing would take 10^8 times more energy than throwing it at escape velocity.

She should be able to throw a rock on Pluto if she used an telekinesis spell.

I find it interesting how Gretel’s lack of confidence stops her from recognizing how impressive are the things that she is already capable of and that she would be capable of more if she thought calmly about it.


It might be a case of her fearing her own power and wanting to do it “herself”.

Not empowered by “mother” and whatever experiments she did to her. It is very clear she fears herself and knows just how powerful and destructive she can be, and there might be some kind of overlap between what being an Apostle would give her and what she was raised to be, hence the fear and frustration she can’t defy the laws of gravity under her own power.

Alternatively, it could be the fact that despite her power, she always has to be constrained by some kind of rule. Someone or something has to tell her that she can and can’t do, what she has to do. And given what she has done, perhaps ordered to do, being told explicitly she can’t throw a stone and keep it up would be the same as being told she can’t change herself. She is a monster, always will be a monster. If she could do the impossible, she could prove to herself that it isn’t impossible to change. But she’s very much scared or conditioned to always treat the impossible as that: impossible, regardless of her power. Or that her power isn’t made for that. It’s impossible to do something with her power, not made to do that. And such, she isn’t made to change, not made to not be a monster.

It’s been a while since I played the last update, so I know I’m missing something and willing to be wrong, but it was something I’ve been thinking about since I played it…


wait… wait cute weight gaining women AND PREGNANT BELLIES!!! i was sold already but HELL YA!!! BEST OF BOTH WORLDS ohhh please be the wolf-kin girl!!!


I would hold your wolves on that one. The three races are explicitly mentioned as not being able to have children with each other. At least under normal conditions. The best we can probably hope for is cum filled stomachs, assuming L modifies Sebastian to perform such feats.


Throws a stone in the air

it falls back down


Hey, Lily is mostly good this update! Mostly…Mauve doesn’t count.

And expect a WHOLESOME update on the 30th!


Indeed. Let’s see how WHOLESOME the update is. Sebastian in particular seems to in for a fun, exciting, WHOLESEOME time.

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w…wait this june 30th ?

I just started playing and good lord I have a lot of questions and I don’t trust any of the main 3 at all in the damn slightest with a 30k foot pole >-> But i’m genuinely curious that I should’ve made more saves to explore more of the story cause i’m just, good lord i’m curious asf

What the…i…jesus fucking christ what are they doing to the town I legit want to know not even for the fucking fat weight gain stuff happening but WTF IS GOING ON AND WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS!!!

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Okay last comment before I flood this comment section but jesus christ the main three are just…manipulative as hell and just seem evil asf. I’m wondering how many times they’ve done this? Their doing all this stuff for the “greater good” of them or something? Half the crap their doing is evil as hell! Their mind controlling people, convincing them their friends and just using so many people and just breaking them, they have got to be the villains at the end of this story >->

Whatever they are, fatties for the fatty god, blubber for the blubber throne. Blessed be the Niss, for they give us fetishy bliss.


Is the game ready yet. Let’s seeeeee

Throw a stone in the air

it fall back down

I guess not.

Let’s try that again.

Throw a stone in the air

It doesn’t fall back down.

CONGRADULATIONS @WaxeRed YOU DID IT. Totally worth getting hidden for a bit. Hopefully It doesn’t stay that way.

I take this reaction as a compliment :slight_smile: Hope you keep playing to the end to learn the answers!



I deeply apologize for the time it took me to put this one together (half a year flew by) and while I’m proud of what the update turned out to be, I would have been happier with it coming out in April, or even May. (That said to anyone who says I missed the end of the month deadline, know I don’t respect any timezone that isn’t american.)

But it’s here at last! An update to nearly every character in the game continuing the story in very many ways! With all the characters moving forward on their weight gain path…and perhaps someone unexpected starting their own.

But I’ll say no more and let you play the update yourself! Hope you enjoy!

(IMPORTANT NOTE- If your game is going too fast/slow, go to the main menu, find the ‘synch’ setting and swap it on/off. Please report if the problem continues after doing so.)

WARNING- Apostles is a very dark game that deals with some very uncomfortable subject matters at times. Please do not play if you under the age of 18 or simply do not enjoy this kind of story.

(These files are the same, just different download options.)

A save at the start of the new content as always has been provided, as well as the option to change some past choices. But old saves DO work. If you wish to transfer. Go into the OLD game folder, go to the file marked ‘www’ copy the ‘save’ folder found inside. Then go to 0.8, go into ‘www’ and overwrite that save folder with the one you just copied.

A special thank you to my sprite guy CJ who helped out massivly with this update with his artwork, please check him out when you get the chance! Cj-x4 - Hobbyist | DeviantArt
And thank you for all the beta tester, check them out and their work in the credits!

And lastly to anyone who doesn’t follow Apostles in the off season, I started a small side project book. It’s not much as of yet, about 25% through. But if anyone likes cowboys and or lizard people I recommend it!


Dude this is possibly one of the most interesting stories I have experienced in any game for a long time, seriously you are stupidly good at writing and i’m definitely playing this game all the way through


everyone is in for a biiiig treat, WaxeRed outdid themselves for this one! :smiley:

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