I shall be most disappointed if there is not a large donkey at some point in the update.


Lol maybe Heather “adopts” a new nickname XD

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Actually I’ve been wondering about something for a long while now, when Gretal and Lily have their bet on who can burst the dress on one of the sisters first, there’s no real reward for choosing Gretal to win the bet, will we see a continuation for that in the future?


@Capo889 For now the reward Gretel has is holding it over Lily’s head. But we’ll see something from it eventually!


Speculation Time:

Who does everyone think will be bigger at the end of the game, Sow or Hog?

I feel like Lily definitely produces A LOT of results since she has loads to show for it in “certain” scenes :3

But given Sebas’ stated preference and the “fail states” with Heather, I am a little bit afraid of him. He’s quiet but also unpredictable.

I am personally rooting for Lily but feel like given the update it might be Sebastian. My reason is that he gives the illusion of being above it all but it falters in those weaker moments.

Like Lily is an open book, about her intentions which is easier to predict?

But he just seems messier/devious than he lets on. Sam’s response was 1:1 and I like that he’s at least a bit he’s honest with her. Which I’m here for it, love him for sure…buuuutttttt- I feel like the current group dynamic is a raging dumpster fire and is being held together with chewing gum, floss, and paperclips.

TLDR; he just seems more willing to push things to extremes without checks and balances and I honestly feel like he’s going to ruin sow, like she has virtually no change even once her stint in the big house is over. Like? Is there lipo in setting?? It feels 16th to 18th century so probably not, so do the Apostles have a weight loss plan lol?? And what happened to the others like her???


Personally I’m hoping that the Apostles will immobilize the town, leaving only the feeder types barely mobile. So I would guess it depends on the choices with Heather and Mauve, the more they resist the more likely they are (and able) to stab the Apostles in the back, especially if the Saviors give them a Get out of Gaining free card. I personally choose the options that make them more feedee like (When I’m given the oppurtunity) so I would hope that would impact their outlook on their position and whether or not their lives under the Apostles is better then going out to adventure, constantly risking their lives. I think they have a personal place in their pocket dimension to keep their favorite immobile blobs to play with and use as magical batteries, and if they’re still mobile they have that call ability like L has. Idk that’s just my theory on how this plays out.


That’s an interesting point, I feel like the game’s branching paths are so different and cool that you went that route. I never made them completely subservient in my run, since the ebb and flow of giving into and resisting your captor is a fun exercise in futility lol. But seeing that you went for a more defeatist mindset by always complying is going to be fun to play through later.

Also, do you think Heather could really hurt Sebastian or did you mean she eventually escapes and rats them out to another opposing deity? Like, I wonder if that other beastial lady would help with that. But she could aIso just try at him again when isn’t no-clipped.

But then do you think Heather would so purposely petty to be enbiggened by force, then work to slim down and finally take her revenge? Like that would be like a decade of work in her part, snack breaks included lol. I wonder if they would just put her to sleep if it got that bad.

Her as a perma-battery is also interesting take as well, especially unwillingly :3c.

As for the town, omg! That’s a funny idea, but I feel like Thomas is a liability wrench for that. I feel he’d actually succeed where Heather would fail in destroying everything or get close to doing so, regardless of his sister’s involvement.

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I like my feedees to in some part want to be feedees, so i viewed it less as defeatist and more like indulging their want even if they can’t name it yet. Looking through the game files, I just don’t like the goriness of the resistance paths so that’s mainly the reason why I’m going for the more wholesome paths myself.

I meant more she helps the Saviors out (Via metaphorical by ratting important information to the Saviors, or more literal by being put in a position where she could kill sebastian and how you treated her when you were the one in power deciding whether she goes through with it or not) I think this is foreshadowed by her being a black widow, using seduction to get herself a better position in prison then murdering the warden and his family when she got the chance(While I’m pretty sure the Warden wasn’t the greatest guy, that moment also showed her more monstrous side, a while I choose to let her attempt to be a better person via being the feedee for sebastian, I know she is capable of some fucked shit). I think she is playing into the fattening to buy time in a (At the point of writing this) futile gesture that something could allow her to escape the pocket dimension. Weight or no weight, alot of the trust options between her and sebastian on her end is stuff like whether or not she would give up her knife, potentially the only way she could fight back against sebastian. Purposely disempowering her for the sake of(In my head at least) potentially having a better life being a feedee, even if she doesn’t fully understand it yet.


I like this angle a lot. :slight_smile:

Hopefully she does come to terms with her new life.

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As my hype for the next update grows, I thought its only appropriate to ask everyone who they’re looking forward to the most! Ofc heather and sebastian are going to be the focus as waxe said and i cant wait to seem em, but personally im excited to see more of best girl sophia


Glad cute Sophia gets the love she deserves!


I’m hoping L gets into some shenanigans again, her updates tend to be my favorites.


Mostly looking forward to seeing how Gretel develops now that her status quo has changed, also wouldn’t mind seeing more from Heather or Dana.


I’m excited to see more berry shenanigans personally

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Im mustly hoping to see more about Gretel i want to see if she’s gonna grow fatter and well forgive herself at some point althoug im als scared she turns out to be possed by gluttony and eats the world


Still praying for Kale one day <3 but for my safe picks, Pamela and Mauve are my fave, also Jacob and Maya are cute

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The game is breathtaking. Best of the best: Dina, Heather, Sam.

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