Firstly, I wanted to congratulate you on making a really riveting and well-written game! I went in with zero expectations and ended up so engrossed that I finished the game in one shot! I have to preface that I am probably not your target demographic (since my fetishes are more on the dude side of things), but I have to say, I’m really glad I gave your game a shot (plus there’s enough boy belly sprinkled in to keep me engaged other than the story haha)! Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever played a WG game that put so much love and effort into world-building! I’ve actually became quite attached to the world and your characters (especially the ones mentioned below), and I can’t wait for the next update!

In terms of kink, I have only one word: Mauve. Gosh, I love this pathetic Beastial. He’s such a cocky rude bastard that I loved seeing him brought low by the protagonist trio and fattened up for L’s pleasure. Every time L’s dialogue mentions it’s time to play with the Hog, I immediately create a save file because I know it’s going to be great! I really enjoyed the scenes with him thus far and your descriptions are always a joy to read! I’m looking forward to Mauve being toyed with and humiliated further, like L using her Voice to forcefeed him to his absolute limit and denying him release while he begs and whines. Also, I believe L threatened Heather that she would peg her brother, so I hope that becomes a reality at some point (or L can transform into Sebas to play out her gay doctor fantasy instead and give Heather’s brother a good pounding haha).

One thing I’d like to see is Mauve’s interactions with other characters. L got to have some dreamnovel adventures with Heather, so I think it might be fun to see Sebastian do some tests with Mauve, with all the sarcastic feedback about his weight as he had done with Hog’s sister, and the player would get to read the test notes at the end with all those juicy measurements and progress comments. Mauve might even open up more just like his sister and we can hear him talk about his past, since currently most of his back-story is told to the player indirectly through Heather. It might be neat to also have the contrast of Heather and Mauve following Sebastian out of grudging respect whilst obeying L out of fear. Plus, I like the thought of Sebastian doing his best to help out the Beastials just like his wife did. But yeah, sorry, I digress! Long-story short: Mauve is my fave! Hope there’s more of him on the horizon!

In terms on non-kink, Sebastian and his back-story are really gripping. The explanation with how elf culture works was so interesting to me! I was not expecting a WG game to tug at my heart-strings, but Sebastian, and to a lesser extent L with her parents, had me emotionally attached. Jury is still out over how I feel about Gretel since I feel there’s gonna be much more to learn about her! Also, despite fanboying over Mauve’s kink stuff earlier, I also really enjoyed the non-kink scenes you added between the Beastial siblings. Heather demanding to know what’s happening to her brother and refusing to give up on him was really sweet. Then the scene where they were finally reunited and Heather gave him all that emotional support. So touching! Doesn’t detract from that fact that I want Mauve over-stuffed like a balloon, but still, very touching. Part of me genuinely wants to see Beastial siblings released and given a second chance amongst the villagers, but another part of me just wants to see pounds and pounds of fat added to their frames! Only great character building and writing could trigger such a kink crisis in me, so great job haha

As for what I’m hoping for next (other than more Mauve), I’d love to see the trio fatten up more guys. The little scenes we got were always a treat, like I really enjoyed L’s scene with Kale (hm, another dumb young braggart who got his comeuppance by getting fattened up – maybe I have a type?). But I think there are a few other contenders that I’d like to see. I think Ezzy would be really interesting for the protagonists to “assist” in gaining weight (if/when he joins the main storyline!).

Other characters I thought were cute but are way too random to realistically expect are probably: Kale (I felt bad that the last thing L says to him is that she hates him, even if it gave him a boner!), Timond (especially considering he’s in an endless dream at the moment, but I thought it might be fun to fatten up an elf, other than Sebastian in L’s fantasies) and that one coal merchant who came to the inn after the snowstorm and currently has no background or name (I never said I wasn’t shallow!).

But gosh, this comment went on way longer than I had planned! Sorry about that! Suffice to say, you created a wonderfully-written game with a great world! And the kink aspects are so fun that even for me as a male WG fan, I was hooked even during some of the female WG parts! So I just wanna say, keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to what you come up with next!

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I feel bad for wax having to read all these long posts.

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what do you mean?

normally long posts mean an engaged and passionate community.


I meant it in a half joking way, I’m sure it takes a lot of time for them to read and respond to every one of these. Of course I’m sure they appreciates the feedback since they keep responding.


Is red heather going to be an independent update or part of .10?

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Thank you so very much! Hearing reactions like this always make me very happy, and help motivate me to keep working!

And I’m glad to hear the boys getting some praise! In full honesty I love boy weight gain as much as I do girl weight gain. However knowing that the general public prefers female weight gain more, I skewed the amount of characters to be more female focus. That’s the REAL reason for the civil war. Ignore all the dark in game lore and conspiracy stuff, the real reason for that war is as an excuse to put most of the men somewhere else as the girls get fat XD

But all jokes aside, even though there might not be as many men in the story, I still try to give them as much love as the girls. So I’m glad to hear Mauve is getting even more love by the players! Glad he has a new number 1 fan! Thank you for all the suggestions of ideas, I may just use a few of them. And we’ll be sure to see more of him next update, so stay tuned!

And as much as I love weight gain, I also very much enjoy lore, so I’m happy to hear that went over well as well! As well I think the two go hand in hand, the more we know about a character, the better their weight gain becomes.

I’ve had Sebastian’s backstory in mind for a long time, so I was glad to be able to show more of it. Though he’s lived a long time, and there’s still a lot more left to find out!

For Lily on the other hand, her backstory will be a lot shorter but hopefully just as moving.

Very fair on Gretel, and it might be a long time before we see the exact details of her backstory, though I hope you like to see the new direction she starts going in!

As for your character suggestions, I wouldn’t say they are too unrealistic! I can promise you at least one of them will be shown next update!

Thank you again for the time it took to give this feedback, hope you all the best!

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@Nopnopenohome Big or small, I like all kinds of comments! It’s not the size of the comment that matters, it’s how you use them! :slight_smile:

@Cassent Not really sure yet. I wanted to work on that first…but then I got distracted by writting cute Gretel stuffing scenes.


Take your time I’ll take as much Gretal as I can get!


Idk if I’m doing something wrong but I think I’m stuck:

In the Heather dream sequence I can’t find a way to progress after getting the first party member to join (green dude) . I tried beating the miniboss guarding a chest, which to my knowledge is optional, I tried going to the city but dialogue pops up and prevents me to go, I also tried lighting up the 4 braziers in the cave but can’t make it in time

Any help is appreciated

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@BIGnews For the Braziers in the cave, some will stay lit longer then others. So try lighting each one and seeing how much time it gives you. After that try lighting them in order thay helps you get passed them!


No no, thank you for taking the time to make such thoughtful and detailed replies to all our comments! I’m sure we all definitely appreciate it! Sorry for the long post earlier though, I just felt I had so much to say about your amazing game!

Please do! I would be more than honoured if you used any of my humble ideas! I do have a few lewder thoughts bouncing around in my head involving the Hog, but since that was my very first post on these forums, I didn’t want to scare everyone away with all my perverted and depraved scenarios haha

But I’m genuinely so glad to hear that we’ll be getting more Mauve! I was exploring some of the director commentary post-game and I’m genuinely kinda shocked that the four adventurers were initially going to be one-off villains! Thank goodness you decided to make them stick around! As mentioned in the director commentary, some did indeed become fan favourites, especially mine! The director commentary is a great idea btw! It was actually very interesting to read your thoughts about all the various characters and how they were used.

And yes, the lore in this game is fantastic. You put in a ton of effort and it shows! Loved all the nods to Latin too – very fun! But one thing I didn’t comment on in my earlier post was the comedy as well. Some of the conversations the main trio have are so entertaining (Although it did lead me to have a language crisis of whether the word ‘fishes’ actually exists or not haha). The game’s atmosphere has a very nice blend of being light-hearted during the village parts (even getting me to laugh quite a few times while playing a WG game!) but being dark and serious when it needs to be.

And how exciting! I wonder who will be the lucky boyo who gets appear in the next update! Whoever it is, I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job of characterizing him (and/or fattening him up, if we should be so lucky!)

Thank you again for creating such a wonderful experience for all of us! Also, hurray, kept my post mildly more concise this time!

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Heyo, if you have any further thoughts or ideas you want to suggest for the Hog or other characters don’t ever be afriad to let me know here or in dms, the lewder the better!

Glad to hear you enjoyed reading behind the scenes comments on Apostles! I too am glad I changed my mind on their collective fates. Really lots of things on 0.1 were made without a big plan in mind. Luckily that has since changed and I have a pretty solid plan going foward. Though I’ve found it helps to plan the lore, but not the ‘fetish’ elements. Since the fetish parts come out best when the ideas are fresh and full of passion!

Oh, and very happy the mix of dark, fetish, and comedy come out well! I always love the types of stories that aren’t afraid to go to the extremes in every regard.

Wish you all the best, and hope to come back sooner rather then later with a new Apostles update to chew on!


made some fanart of the apostles. well, particularly of gretel. but then i realized it wasn’t ‘true to the character’ so then i made it true to character by having lily be dreaming it up. what i’m saying is that lily is the best because she’s as hornt up for chubbos as ya gal tess.


Hahaha that definiltely looks like something Lily would dream up

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goooooood, gooooood. now i just need to develop the ability to speak in hot pink…


Tysm, I found the way the party reacted to the puzzle as if it was to complete later, maybe with more members. Also thank you and the artists/writers for your creation.

Btw, there’s a small bug in all kinds of these rpgmaker games that may cause freezing (music still goes) and requires reboot, most often loosing progress. And it’s so easy to fix but a shame none solves it.

In the folder “/www/js” in the file “rpg_core.js” at line 1870 there’s this statement:

if (this._skipCount < 0) {

Now if you add an equal sign = right after the minor sign < in such way:

if (this._skipCount <= 0) {

It makes the game no longer freeze on those rare occasions that happens, hope this helps.

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Oh my, the lewder the better, huh? Well I hope my ideas live up to that standard! I would be more than happy to share my ideas with you!

However, I think I must be an idiot, because for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to send DMs on this site! Sorry for being off-topic, but could anybody point me in the right direction? I don’t want to spam everyone watching this topic with a wall of depraved text. Thanks in advance!

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Just click on their name and then on Message


Your account is still too “new” in the eyes of the software the forums run on, which can be easily seen by how your name is currently grayed out on your posts. I believe these guidelines will work to unlock Private Messages for you: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels
…looking at that and your profile page, it seems like you might just need to look at one more topic long enough to be registered as having looked at it. Grab a random thread, hang tight for a minute or two, and then you should get a notification that you can use PMs.


That is…scarily close to something I actually made for the game like 6 hours ago.

That art is of course AMAZING, and with your permission I’d like to add it to the gallery room in apostles, I love it so much.

But also, I am running a few anti virus software programs…