Dang, thank you for the report will look into.
Though just to make sure did you try making some other dish? You are allowed one mistake in the food without Steph stopping.

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Yeah, but Gretel started walking instead whenever I made my inputs for the dishes

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I noticed that they looked like some of the slavers, but I thought it was a Sprite recycle NGL XD. Definitely glad to hear my gut instinct led me true in the case of realizing toughs were slaves, and tbf I should of realized after what L said, but I thought they were some goons she picked up at broken road that we didn’t see. Glad to be at least slightly wrong there.

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Finally went and played this. Loving it so far. Could use a spellchecker though


I must say that this is the most invested I’ve been in an RPGMaker game since The Last Sovereign. Spelling/Grammar issues aside, the concept, writing, and gameplay are leaving me very much wanting more.


You have no idea just how of a compliment I take it to be attributed to TLS. Sierra Lee is definitely one of my biggest inspirations behind this as she pretty much sold it to me how possible it was to have a game that was equal parts fetish and story.

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Hey just wanted to give you the heads up I got the bug you mentioned, and thank you again for the report. It will be fixed in the 0.2 FINAL version I put out no later then this weekend.

Then it’s on to 0.3!


Pros: Fantastic writing
Cons: Few fats so far, also I have ADD and can’t read

I’m unsure what to say about this one. When I first gave it a go it seemed like a very slow-burner WG game, which in retrospect is a very unfair judgement of what turns out to be a fascinating and well developed narrative. I do think there’s something to be said for how you present the experience, as I was not prepared to encounter the sheer breadth of dark themes. The story is so far gloomy at the best of times, but frequently dips into horror, violence, and abuse. I’m personally depraved enough to love these twists and turns, but I do think these should be advertised to the audience as to prepare them for it, for better or worse.

The graphics are lacking, and the gameplay is nominal. Now in all fairness I’m not overly enthusiastic about the JRPG format (RPG Maker just being an easy-to-use tool for me), but giving the player somethign to interact with beyond walking between cutscenes helps for someone with my critically low attention span.

I’ve no critique for the writing, it really is extraordinarily good.

EDIT: Oh and there’s a bug when you enter the tent around the merchants’ place. During the cutscene if you read and skip the dialogue too fast, Lily will get stuck as the merchant interjects her intended path.


Thanks! Very much glad to hear you enjoyed the writing and world building it’s a lot of fun to make in a project like this. Though the idea of putting an advert is fair I think I’ll hold off and rather let them come at a surprise and let the player choose to stop if they so want.

Graphics is something that there will be gaining more and more of for future updates! I had someone who is fantastic at making sprites come forward halfway through making 0.2 and open up a WORLD of new possibilities for art. If you liked Sophia’s new sprite and Steph’s belt bursting animation then be sure to offer CJ some thanks!

And yes the ‘visual novel’ feel of the story is something I will have to continue to battle against. I will continue to try to find more ways to vary it up, though hopefully stuff like Heather’s testing in the desert, and Steph’s mini-game added at least some variation.
THe only thing I REFUSE to do is spam the player with generic combat of fighting the same and similar enemies over and over and over and over again unable to walk 2 feet without being jumped yet again by some grunt to be beaten by slamming space.
Now I’m not against all combat, Violet’s path and other areas can make it fun, and there are others on this site who do combat well -See “Some Bullshit” from this site, he always makes them fun. But so many others both in WG and beyond fall into the bad combat trap and make playing the game a chore more then anything else.

And can you be a bit more specific to when the bug happens? Is it on the first trip to the merchant camp or the second? And which tent?


I think the idea of having loads of custom graphics is going to be really time-consuming, especially in a story like yours where the characters are supposed to be changing over time while also retaining the ability to move in all directions (I’ve done that kind of spriting myself, so I’d know).

Going through the few battles you had spaced out and the obstacle course offered some great variation in their respective mini-stories, and don’t worry, I have the same aversion to insistent random encounters as you do!

And it’s the second merchant, once you’re told that their tent is opened and you’re supposed to go see them. Lily went to look at a painting, when it happened to me.

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I’m kind of hoping to see the beast girl slowly be turned from the manipulative sex fiend she is into a lazy lap dog.


Whew, finally got around to playing the new update. It was fantastic all around, but I’ve got a bug report. During Violet’s section in this update, defeating “Specter of Death!” (love that exclamation mark) has Violet say one new line, and then “restart” the room’s script by walking forward and starting another encounter with Specter of Death! If your HP holds out long enough to beat the second encounter, Violet hits the top of the room in the middle of the next script reset and the game softlocks.

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Huh! You know you are the second person to tell me that and I’m not sure why that is that it happens. If possible do you have a save shortly before that room and trying again to see if it’s just a rare case of RPGmaker acting odd?

I actually did do it a second time after finishing the update, before making the post. I just checked it again now, and still had the double encounter. I’ll upload the save file, in case it could help you out on your end. It’s right before the orc encounter. It’s in a 7zip archive because the forum wouldn’t take the file on its own. Funny how these bugs keep happening around Violet, huh? file5.7z (16.7 KB)

The bugs for Violet are no doubt because of the combat mechanics, something I have no experience with save WITH Violet.

“See “Some Bullshit” from this site, he always makes them fun.”

You are too kind.


I’m really enjoying this game. At first, I felt that it moved too slowly, but the more I played (and immersed myself into the story) the more I enjoyed it and appreciated the slow burn of bellies. I like how dark the story gets at times. It’s a nice contrast from other fetish games and games in general. I do have a question though, in the audio files I noticed that there’s some sound effects labeled “vore”. After seeing that, I was curious, is there a vore scene in this game?

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Thanks! Glad people are able to find the same love in slow burn stories as I do, foreplay gets you more play!

I downloaded a whole pack of sound clips that might be of help, so as to not have to search for each one when it comes up.
THAT BEING SAID there is one Vore scene for Violet in 0.2 if you lose to the zombie. It is also in the recollection room at the end even if you didn’t unlock it.


Bug fix out, I’d call this the final for 0.2 but I prob broke something again. :frowning:
BUT BIGGEST news, thank one Erronwolf for going through the entire game and fixing up every bit of my bad gramer and speeeling. Hopefully it makes it a bit easier to read! Now I"m on to working on 0.3 full force!


Starting a new game in v0.2.3 is putting me in a cave with Sam throwing rocks into a pond to annoy Seb, and after he says “Guess I may as well get ready early”, the game becomes completely unresponsive.

Loading the provided save works, but I kinda wanted to start over from the beginning.