Asimov's Awfully Alliterative Augment - New Content mod v.0.1.4 - Weighing in



Hello all,
For the last few months I’ve been working on a Fetishmaster mod in my spare time.
This mod:

  • Adds a new area to the game, located in the old city
  • Adds several new items & monsters
  • Will eventually add an entirely new questline
  • Will eventually have artwork drawn by yours truly (once I fix my desktop - for now it’s placeholders)
  • WIll add spellcasting!
  • Should be compatible with most other mods - Anything that modifies the darkstreet event in the old city might cause issues.

In addition, I’ve made an entirely new way to play the game, which I’ve unimaginatively called the Fields system.
TL;DR it turns Fetishmaster into a top-down RPG in certain areas.
This system is available for you to make your own content on, and I’ll type up a post later detailing how that’s done.

Please watch out for any mistakes I’ve made in my drunken stupor, I may have forgotten to include some files while patching this.
Feedback & constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

Current Patch
Patch v.0.1.4 [LATEST]

Legacy Downloads
Patch v.0.1.3
Patch v.0.1.2
Patch v.0.1.1
Patch v.0.1


This certainly looks interesting. If I have some time tonight I’ll give it a go and hopefully I can provide some feedback.


Didn’t really get a chance to dig in here, but a couple quick suggestions:

Your goo girls are actually being generated as males - you can change the gene in their DNA templates to 2.0 (female) or 3.0 (futa); I haven’t gotten anywhere to see whether or not their actual gender makes a difference to anything beyond the in-battle pronouns.

The looting system is interesting, but it prints out the name of the item file rather than the actual name of the item, which kind of spoils one item’s effects in particular. Off the top of my head I can’t really think of an engine-friendly way to grab the name of the chosen item, though, so the quickest (not necessarily cleanest) fix might just be to have a separate array of item names. Also, the scrap_metal item doesn’t appear to exist.

Also, I didn’t look at how it determines when you’ve looted enough, but I managed to pick up a ton of stuff at the old office building in the first map before it stopped me from grabbing anything else.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m nitpicking - it’s definitely a refreshing change (especially the roguelike elements), and lord knows the modding scene for this game is small enough as it is; the last thing I want to do is drive anyone away. I’ll take some time tomorrow and play through it without picking at the tiny details.

EDIT: Also, the initialization template for Miya is referenced but not included (char/miya_init), so anything beyond her intro just throws errors.


Implemented bugfixes as pointed out by @jimbobvii

  • Goo girls now actual girls
  • Scrap metal now exists
  • Miya actually initializes now, so you can see her starting events
  • The city convenience shop is now an actual shop
  • Added warm coats that protect you from the wind in the city ruins
  • The names of items show up properly when looting from collection points
  • Added the navel size description I forgot to in the initial patch

The link in the main post has been updated with the new version!


Really glad you are taking a crack at expanding the game! Just wanted to point out a quickly fixable bug when fighting the new Goo Girls. In the “hit_desc_blue_slime_1.tpl”, you have a typo which throws an exception on their attacks:
It takes <%(int)ho%> damage, but <%self.getName();%> feels bloated after being force-fed so much slime.

This should be “hp”, and it was breaking the battles for me.


Another patch for you all.

  • Fixed a bug with goo girl attacks courtesy of @Linkup
  • Implemented (limited) interaction with Miya, pending a rewrite of most of her code.
  • (Temporarily) Added Fungal Herbicide (The item to get rid of bloatspores) to the magic shop until I implement the quest to acquire it.
  • Added a passage to and from the Fungal Depths. Convenient!

Main post has been updated with the new download link.


Oooh, I’m a sucker for custom races. If you plan on fleshing out the kitsune stuff beyond Miya, I’ve got some DNA templates I’ve been sitting on for a while, if you want 'em. Gonna be months before the mod I built them for will be ready to beta-test anyways.


Another patch!
Not much to this one, just added the beginnings of an inflation system to the base, Eventually it’ll have a mini-questline around getting it set up and a few events but for now it’s relatively barebones.
Link in original post once more!


Hate to be that guy, but a couple more small things to point out:

  • The energy drink (which for whatever reason is called pure_water.item?) doesn’t add to a character’s fullness as its script targets instead of

  • The matron_bless effect alternates between looking for the matron_quest flag as a personal flag and global flag. According to the event files, the latter is correct, I believe, meaning the flag only advances properly on ‘offscreen’ births, I think, but I’d need to double-check that.

  • There’s also a reference in the ring effect to an image that doesn’t exist (field/cursed_ring_surge.png), but that doesn’t throw errors or anything so it’s not much to worry about.


It’s time for another patch!

  1. Energy drinks and pure water aren’t the same thing anymore (sadly)
  2. Fixes to matron questline
  3. The ring now has the image it was supposed to

And some content as well!

  • Prototyped a roster system for having proxies perform their own actions when not in use. Currently this only has milking their full breasts, which you can turn off in the options menu for individual proxies.
  • Heavily expanded the measurement system - it now compares your weight to the last time you measured (and will tell you how long ago that was) and displays how much a proxy has gained.
  • The roster menu also features reminders to measure proxies that can also be customized.
  • Protyped an actual day, month year date system, which will be used to add more depth to measurements (weekly/monthly gain, that sort of thing)

As usual, link in the original post