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It’s not currently implemented. I’m planning to redo Miya, she started out as a test for running characters offscreen and I’ll redo her from the ground up at a later date.


So for the matron quest line do you have to keep the kids she gives you at first or can you donate them to Daria for her blessings?

Last time I played before this update I would give the kids to Daria to build up her blessings, and anytime I go to the Matron all she says is “greeting adventure” and there are zero spirits near her and nothing else happens


How do I access the matron quest line?
And how do I get the random proxy to appear in hilltown?


It… shouldn’t be giving you kids at all? I’m reasonably certain I squashed that bug this patch.
Either way the proxy you initially start the questline with is the Matron’s Priestess, and you do the questline with her.

You can start the questline in the fungal depths, which you access through the area off the dark street in the old city.
The characters will appear randomly around hilltown after 8am, and usually go home at 6pm.


“Fleshes out the existing measurement system” How so?


I’ve added tracking of a proxy’s measurements over time with my mod. Currently it only retains a proxy’s last measurements and tells you how they’ve changed since last time to prevent using too many flags, but I’d like to add weekly and monthly changed as well.


So, is it actually possible to remove the ring once it’s equipped? In its base and stuck forms, you can trigger the removal text by meeting its condition, but it doesn’t remove the effect, meaning essentially that nothing happens. It’s largely the same for the cursed form, but because of the way the conditionals are set up it’s impossible to trigger that much. It looks like it works right in its decursed form, but I don’t actually think there’s an event chain that lets you get that far yet.


I have noticed this problem with the ring as well. The ‘if’ and ‘else if’ clauses in the item are placed in the wrong order, so that all of the ‘else’ checks are never reached because the first ‘if’ is always fulfilled. Easily fixable at least.


Not sure if this has been noticed yet, but I’m having an issue with activating proxies whenever I turn on the waking process function. The activate proxy button simply doesn’t work for any proxy after that.


That’s not an issue I’ve encountered. Can you screenshot the dev console if you’re able to replicate that?


It’s been a while, guys!
Sorry this update took so long - time to work on the mod has been a lot rarely lately.
This latest patch is a relatively small one, but it lays the groundwork for more extensive changes later.

  • Proxy measuring has been redone from the ground up with a new event and menu system.
  • Backend changes to the way measurements are stored means up to five sets of measurements are now retained.
  • Much of the flavour text & reactions are now non-functional, but will return in the next update.

If you want to influence what ends up in the next update, there’s now a poll in the main post.


For the next update I’ll be bringing back and expanding on the flavour text from the previous version. In addition I may try my hand at working out a way to graph stat changes over time, as well as creating weekly/monthly/all time data sets.
Stay tuned!



  • Fixed a serious glitch where loading the game and passing an hour froze the entire game.

I’ve fixed it, I think. I’m not 100% what caused that, but it’s fixed now.


A sneak peek at the graphs!


Another patch! Two for the price of one!
TL;DR the issue earlier with the progression stopper was seated more deeply than I thought, and I had to roll back some of my code to 0.2.1 stuff before I ended up with (even more) spaghetti code.

  • Added stat graphs to the measurement system
  • Measurement system now also has more flavour for stat changes
  • Proxies now react to stat changes when measured (currently only to breasts, but more to come)
  • Probably accidentally deleted a bunch of shit
  • Placeholder variables now contain 73% more existential despair

Anyway, it’s 4AM and my pillow hasn’t been sobbed into recently. Goodnight.


So far the mod is great! I can’t seem to get the new measurement system to work however. I think base/measurements/physicalb is calling for the template base/measurements/measure but I don’t seem to have that but I don’t know enough about Fmaster code to really say.

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What triggers the slime_full_03.jpg image?

Also just wondering, what’s the source for it? Can’t seem to find it via reverse image search


From what I can see, it’s not actually used anywhere yet. Can’t really tell what the source is either, although the style looks familiar, especially the face. Image seems like it’s been cropped, but I could be wrong.


Just a thing I noticed, the miya_milestone_5 template seems to just be a copy of the milestones template, is this intentional?


i wanted to ask how i can trigger the enema images, thought they come with sexual training