Asmodeuzebub, at your service

I go by Gam3r, usually, but I meant for my account name to be seen as the portmanteau I made of the Demon Princes of Lust and Gluttony (Asmodeus and Beelzebub, respectively), but I messed that up. To quote Voltaire (the band), “Call me by any name; anyway, it’s all the same!”

As far as personality? I tend to consider myself fair, but I judge. Just be aware. If I find you rude or otherwise unsavory, and am not proven wrong, I likely won’t like you. I tend to found my views of others on respect. I have no issue with any sexuality, religion, or mindset, as long as it doesn’t willingly offend anyone. In other words: If you believe in something that supports racism, you’re not gonna find a supporter in me.

I am a straight male-very lucky, according to the roulette. And I consider myself so. I know people personally who’ve had to go through Hell because of something out of their control, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. People deserve to be treated as people. No less.

As you can see, I have a habit of being long-winded, occasionally redundant, and a bit of an overexplainer. I know these traits full well. Because I recently took an interest in RWBY, it might appeal to fellow fans to use a reference: If I were to say I had a Semblance, I’d say it was Insight. Have I mentioned I’m a bit of an egoist? From what I’ve heard, the difference between myself and an egotist is more than the removal of a t, in that I’m aware of my arrogance, where others are not.

Another trait is that I usually find similarities between two people or things. I’ve often applied this to myself with various fictional characters, oddly most of them female, despite my awareness of my gender and everything. I’ve come to think it may be that I just relate to women because when comparing men and women of equal merit, I’d likely favor the women. I don’t know exactly why.

Another factor, the final one for now: I’m a big fan of learning. There are certain things my brain can’t handle, or at least has a hard time with. My affinities mostly lie in the sciences and the languages. I learned both of these in 7th grade, funnily enough. French class was eye-opening, and actually helped me understand facets of English grammar better than English class. Go figure. 7th grade bio? Until then, I’d been the most squeamish kid to ever see an organ (despite the fact that, I now recall, I read a science book about blood in elementary school, before I knew how to correctly pronounce it), until I saw something that, like so many things in different parts of my life, caused me to be intrigued, if not outright infatuated, immediately, but some might consider it unsavory. Just to get it out there: she brought in an organ, a pump, of bovine origin, which had had the upper portions removed, making the valves apparent. The mitral looked as a normal one, but the tricuspid, as its name implied, had 3 flaps, as opposed the rest. I apologize for skirting around saying exactly what it was, but I trust you understood, and it might’ve made you think of something else, making the blow a little softer. But that made me fall in love with Bioscience. Which, in retrospect, is ironic, considering what organ is often associated with love these days. Back in Ancient Egypt, it’s believed to have been thought to be the center of thought-which may also play a part in the fact that I have a love of Psychology, from both perspectives. Science and language have become even more important to me over time, and I find them both beautiful, in many disciplines. I’m something of a JOAT, MON, as I like to abbreviate it-a Jack of All Trades, Master of None!

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Hi, and welcome to the forums! We’ve already been acquainted from my introduction post, but it’s nice to see you making your own introduction!

As for judging people based only on personality, I think all of us do that. None of us really can tolerate it when others don’t at least make an attempt to be polite. Otherwise this is a very accepting, tolerant, and happy place, which is really saying something. I’ve seen other places that claim to be that way only to bash on other people for their tastes or their mistakes.

For me, I love history and science! I’m not a know-it-all, but I have enough facts in my mind to at least make it clear that those interests are out there.

Anyway, that’s enough babbling. I hope you enjoy your time here!

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Thanks! I appreciate the reciprocation. Ugh. Sorry, forgot to mention etymology. Bit of a word nerd, as it were. But it’s great to see others’ opinions expressed like this. No bias, just words in their natural form. You’ve proven your point, which I mean positively, simply by stating it. You’re reinforcing what I already felt, that this is a great place for like-minded people to meet. Thank you for being so open-minded with an acquaintance. I mean, it’d be a bit rude to call you a stranger after we’d been introduced.

It’s good to know that there are like-minded others around. I’m a total nerd, and it’s one of my biggest loves. Anything organic? Heart and mind. Earth Science? It rocks. Anthropology? I enjoy people-watching :wink:

History is interesting in its own right, but I have a hard time pinning down certain things. Personal question: Do you ever feel frustration, or similar, at the fact that we can’t have an exact understanding of past civilizations, cultures, and languages, as well as other things lost to time and combat?

On a brighter note: If you’d ever like to compare notes on languages, I’d love to expand my horizons. French is my fortesse, as it were (it would feel wrong to use an Italian word, you know?), but I’m relatively flexible. If I can understand why a word means something, that makes it easier to understand. Like Marcher, which means To Walk. Obviously, the context is that marching is a form of walking. Some words are called “Faux Amis”, or “False Friends”. For example, Assister means To Attend; likewise, Attendre means To Wait. Confusing language, n’est-ce que pas? One last thing about French: Fish without drink is poison. If you translate that into French, you get a punny/rhyming joke.

Okay, so. I tried to look up how to say “I don’t speak German” in German, but there are apparently multiple ways to do it, so c’est un cauchemare pour un autre jour. En même temps…

I’ll just stick to “Nicht sprechen Deutsch.” which is a horrible translation by a non-speaker from the 'States. Wow. That’s a pain in the neck.

No hablo Español. Or at least not much.

And I know a couple of random Latin, Greek, and Japanese words. Latin and Greek in part because SCIENCE and in part because Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome (where Latin was the native language) fascinate me.

Just for the record: I’m just joking calling you out like this, but come on! Babbling? Did you see the litany I laid out and charitably called an intro?! But thank you again for your kindness. It goes far.

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Oh, definitely! I wish that we could see exactly how people acted, and how things were like back then. While historical revisionism is helping dispel a lot of myths the common people have (from vikings with horns, to the prevalence of swords in war during the medieval era, etc) it’s still not enough.

I’m not the best when it comes to languages, I know nominal amounts of Latin and French, but that’s about it. Cupio esse crassus. A little something fitting the theme with the forum!

And if you want to think about confusing languages, just imagine English. We’ve essentially plundered tons of words from other countries. rendez-vous = rendezvous. It means ‘we go’ in French and now it’s used to mean like, meeting up.

:sweat_smile: Anyway, all of that aside, uh, well, I suppose we’re talking quite a bit. If you want to move our talk to private messages instead and let anyone else welcome you without this super big conversation going on, please go ahead! ^^

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us!

Ah, right. Good move. But I have one correction, and I apologize in advance. Vous actually means you, in the plural, the formal, or both. I think your meaning makes sense, though. We absolutely have done some things with other languages. I appreciate the offer. Talk to you there!