Axugaem2: Official Post (Ver: 0.5.1)

March 1st, 2021: Check out the new patch for bugfixes and a few little additions! NEW! Axugaem 2 V. 0.5.1 by Axlwisp on DeviantArt
Teasers for the latest update are on my Ko-Fi! Buy Axlwisp a Coffee. - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get donations from fans, with a 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page. If you’ve enjoyed Axugaem2 and want to support its development, you’re welcome to donate, or get involved with the community on the discord!

-Cedric now has a unique sprite, finally! (when he isn’t hooded, that is.)

-Ironfruit Crocodons now prowl the shores of Blam Beach and lurk in the reeds on the following maps:
-Royal Feldwich Base
-Capital Bridge

-Melissa now attends the ball at Sky Castle! She sits next to Karen (to prevent the player talking to Karen from that side and potentially softlocking the game lol)

-Added a new small quest to Westhaven following the crisis. Speak to the old woman who appears on the farm once you complete the investigation to pick it up. (More will likely be added in the future, but this one was sitting unfinished in the quest script so I figured why not~)
-Added a few tiny cosmetic details to the lake and waterfall in the Highland Gate map.
-Spiders, Larval Core Worms, and Earth Elementals can now be encountered in the Westhaven Tunnels, on Drakkus Island, and in Drakkus Cave.
-Added a bit of dialogue to the event in Drakkus Temple, as well as some additional clarity on what to do in it.

-Added the Lucky Lure item. This one-use item refreshes all bubbling water spots on the current map for 2 minutes (Doesn’t work in the Highlands or on the Costa Del Nyan Waterfront to avoid potential issues with conflicting timers. There aren’t any fish exclusive to those areas so don’t worry 'bout it~)
-The item can only be obtained in bulk by completing Boh’Redd’s special list, which isn’t really possible atm, but there will be some chances to find a few scattered across Imperium!
-On that note, the event for completing Boh’Redd’s special list is now finished, but again not accessible due to Kal’Ra Stonespines not appearing on any maps. They’ll come with Ancestor Isle in the Earth Update!
-Fixed an inconsistency in the stated number of fish needed between the description of the special list and the event that plays when it’s used.

-Incubus Trackers, Mountain Trackers, and Winged Trackers will now get visibly fatter when hit by Elmira’s Adipomancy!
-Goats will also now do this, but maybe we shouldn’t encourage Elmira to use her magic on innocent goats!

Full patchnotes on the Axu2 DeviantArt post and as a text doc. in the game folder!

An amnesiac from nowhere, a grieving bone golem, and a hyperactive mutant catgirl set out on a quest across the wild and unpredictable world of Imperium to reunite lost friends and stop a pending demonic invasion.

  • An in-progress, open-world RPG with a deep, replayable storyline (Currently ~20 HOURS of gameplay per run!)
  • All-original character sprites, artwork, and enemies that can work together, react to environmental changes, and even eat party members! (currently soft, non-fatal vore with potential game-over scenes planned.)
  • Recruit and get to know 10+ unique party members, each with distinct art, lore, personality, and character-specific content! Manage relationships with party members to unlock their full potential and change the course of your adventure!
  • Choices matter! Who you recruit, who you offend, and what you achieve can change the story in several ways, making each playthrough unique!
  • Fetish content: The game is story-based, but past the opening there are several scenes of stuffing, weight gain, soft nonfatal/fatal vore, burping, and more! Once you get out into Imperium, get to know the party, and start discovering sidequests, you’ll find plenty of belly shenanigans!
  • Diet Mode: limit the amount of fetish content shown with a flick of a switch! (currently still under development.)

Hey Weight Gaming, Axlwisp here! Above is the page for my RPG. It’s set in the quirky, fantastical world of Imperium, features a long and replayable storyline, and has many cute fatties, some of whom even gain weight over the course of the game. The enemies are all drawn by myself, and most of the sprites are original and made either by myself or someone working on sprites specifically for Axugaem. The game does contain depictions of vore, so be warned. If you don’t like being eaten by enemies and you don’t really care about seeing characters blimp up, you can consider enabling Diet Mode, which skips over most fetish content.

If that sounds too good to be true, you’re half-right! The game’s not finished, but it is playable, and I’m updating it constantly. My ultimate goal is to get this on Steam, but due both to how big the project is and to my busy schedule, that goal is a few years off. If you like story/character driven games with some fun and cute belly shenanigans thrown in the mix, give the game a shot! I’m always looking for input from people who are passionate about game design~

If you’re looking for a finished game, check out the original Axugaem. It’s non-canon and outdated (characters are no longer based off Pokemon and Minecraft) but I’m very proud of it, and its story is tied to Axugaem2’s story, in a way. You can find the game here: Axugaem (Version 1.0) by Axlwisp on DeviantArt


Peace, love, and ice cream~



I recognize you from deviantart, and the fact that you’re making games is quite tantalizing! I’ll get around to playing for feedback ASAP.

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Yo, welcome to the forum, dude! What a debut!

As on deviantart, I’ll report bugs here.

Probably stuff needing screenshots.

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Hey welcome @Axlwisp ! Glad to see you here!

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Thanks! Joined about a year ago and forgot to follow up until recently. So nice to see a community like this on the net~

ive archived this to my flashdrive just in case anything goes wrong

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Thanks! Appreciate it!

Update: We now have a Discord. Feel free to join if you’re interested in keeping up with the discussion, or want to get more into testing~

Alrighty, I’ve started playing the game, and so far, it’s damn impressive! RPG maker in general is rather limited in what it can do, but you managed to make something quite unique! Focusing on the character sprites shows some quality sprites, and the writing has that level of punch, humor and personality that basically required by law for fetish games.

I’ve only made it to the Tower City so far, but I wasn’t expecting nearly as much as this! A pat on the back, sir!

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Thanks! Believe me, I’m feeling the engine’s limitations, but I’m doing the best I can with it~ Thanks so much for giving the game a shot!

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Ey chief!

I played this a while back, pretty neat and intricate, though I don’t think I ever finished it entirely. It’s fun though, 10/10 art and character design.

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Hey folks! It’s been a while! I’m giving this post a bump to notify you all that The Fire Update’s here! This is a massive update with a ton of new features, and I’m hype as hecc to share it with you! I’ve updated the original post with the link and some screenshots. Have a great May!


Exist some post for Axugaem 2 Walthough I need help some parts in game…

Where are you struggling?

Walkthroughs are still a work in progress, but if you follow the link to Deviantart, hop on the discord through the link provided there and let us know where you’re having trouble, we should be able to help.

I stopped “The Nest” pick all notes but I forgot the password order…

Okay… Thanks man :smiley:

I believe the code is 6428

ehh is not the correct code, I tried to change it too it didn’t work lul…

My bad, I went and double checked, it should be 6284