Axugaem2: Official Post (Ver: 0.7.0)

sheesh, I think Natasha will have to wait a while then.

you can get to Natasha you don’t need cross for her look around

Really? she’s in “Thunder Highlands” and I can’t access it without Cross apparently

she’s at the other passage way at the mountain

Where, exactly? Sorry for bothering btw

hey its no problem on the bottom right corner that mountain with the passage that’s were you can find her

So i found this weird bug. After completing quest One Weird Night Claire switches position in frormation and moves to the second slot, in which she is stuck forever since you cant move her.

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Noted! I’ll look into that and try to get it fixed for next patch

What do you do with the Fae Aspect

Hi , I need help because I can’t get into the thunder highland (I have to find Natasha). Whenever I want to cross the bridge (I just finished the watet temple ).

Try going left out of Crabshoot Bay until you reach Khur (the desert town). After completing the events there, exit the area and use the Tent item. You should be told that the nature priestess has awoken and wants to speak to you. Talk to her and she’ll rejoin your party, allowing you to get back into the Sand Swamp, at which point (if you enter from the left side), take the first exit you find at the bottom of the map. This should take you to the Thunder Highlands!

Hey… I need help doing the 2nd floor puzzle in Elarels Temple please; I have been trying for an hour ;-;… So, I’d rather the answer instead of a hint if u can ;3