Axugaem2: Official Post (Ver: 0.8.3) - Catacombs and Catgirls Update

First, go left out of Crabshoot Bay on the World Map until you get to Khur (the desert town.) Finish the event there and then go back to the World Map and use the Tent item. At that point, Arci will have reawoken and you can get through the swamp and magma tunnel.

Mk it worked

Thanks for the explanation i was beyond lost lol

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I love how well crafted the story is. Im more focused on vore than weight gain and played a lot of vore games. A common flaw about these game is how forgettable the characters usually are and how the story feels secondary to the fetish content or way too over the top. Here however i feel drawn to the story, the characters development and interactions and everything feels fleshed out. Im not 100% charmed by some of the characters but to each heir own as they say. Even then, you feel yearning for more so: Félicitations et meilleurs voeux pour l’avenir!

Spoilers below:

However, i wish there was more content with such a vore prone world. For example, with all of this talk about Melkai being these voracious terrors of the sea there’s only one enemy out of all of the Melkai that has a vore action, same goes for all of the succubi/incubi and some monsters.

Moreso i dont understand how vore is viewed. It feels shunned/illegal, with Nell getting an ominous reputation due to it, Anya being all ashamed of snacking on some rando. Yet, cross can just go and ask the entirety of imperium’s finest to devour him with little reaction and selkie casually admitting to eating anyone failing to pay her sends mixed vibes.

Finally,the vore mechanics seems a little underwhelming. Vore capable enemies are limited to one prey as an unavoidable end of turn action that is non repeatable if the prey is spit up, is that due to game limitations?

Anyhow, thanks again for your awesome work and keep on trucking!

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Yes, hi! Hello! I’d like to hold a coalition for giving Clark all of hugs…and making Axl solely responsible for it, because holy shit, this poor skele-baby…boy deserves so much better…

…Bloodied Badge is something else, man…

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Love this game so far but im a little confused on where to get the magic fires and the ‘fire forge’ so i can do the Nell quest from the tent

Maybe the forge is farther in the game? I just did the like water thing so idk

Thank you for the review! Really glad you enjoy the story and some of the characters!

I’ll take what you’ve brought up about the vore content to heart, as it’s an aspect of the world and its lore that does need to be better situated. I see opinions on it as stratified based on the race/cultures involved: it’s considered more normal among races like the melkai and the elementals since there’s more historical precedent for it, but the melkai lore is kind of shallow atm and needs some nuancing so that it’s clearer what life is like for someone like Selkie who’s actually trying to get along with other races (well, sort of anyway.) Elementals are complicated since there’s so many types and because they’re viewed as greater beings by the majority of non-elemental races (so they can get away with a lot more behaviours that mortals would see as horrible or taboo.) I’m going to do my best to better establish these sorts of differences moving forward!
You’re absolutely right that more of the melkai enemies need vore skills, which is something I’m hoping to fix soon! I intend to add a voracious version of the succubus flirt as well, since while most of the half-demon army doesn’t specialize in vore (hustlers aside), the flirts are probably the most likely to gravitate toward it.
Regarding the mechanics, I’m slowly working toward making them feel more natural and flexible: there are a couple of enemies that can eat two party members at once, but that action is still scripted and only occurs once or twice per battle. Some of that is game limitations, but it’s also due to balancing concerns: obviously, having too many party members being vored at once would lead to a lot of in-combat frustration and shitty game overs. There are ways around this, like having events check to see if someone is vored prior to a skill being used, but my programming knowledge is still limited so I’d still only know how to implement that kind of check in the form of once per turn scripted events and such. It’s all a work in progress, but my hope is that the in-battle vore will be a little more interesting by the time the game is finally finished!

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Clark isn’t really baby, but your point stands that he does need major hugs (and extensive therapy that I am not licensed to give :sweat_smile: ).

Hi! Glad you’re enjoying the game! The forge is a little further on in the game (when you arrive at Spire, you’ll be able to complete the quest.) Magic Fires start dropping from enemies and appearing in chests around that point in the game as well, so you should be able to find enough to complete the quest just by playing through the Fire Temple part of the storyline.

Some of that is game limitations, but it’s also due to balancing concerns: obviously, having too many party members being vored at once would lead to a lot of in-combat frustration and shitty game overs.

Thats what i though when i first glanced at the vore mechanics. If i may, you can lock the skill behind a state check script and make the attack hit only those affected by the said state (bound, poisoned, weakened etc.) that way it makes for a good alternative
Pic rel is the script, i think i used it as is, without plugins but im not sure.

hope im not being too presomptuous! Thanks for the explanations anyhow.

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Thanks for the tip-off! I’ll check that out! It’d be a game-changer for sure, and nice and flexible too for different enemy styles.

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I wasnt sure if my earlier image was part of a plugin or not but i didnt have enough time to check, turns out it was! Here’s the link for it.


Much appreciated. I’ll play around with this between now and the next update!

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I have to say, by far this is one of best games here. Not only for the sheer amount of content, but is really enjoyable and fun to progress. Is a very lenghty game, but is is filled with genuinly good side-content and not an slow grind and tedious chore like certain games.

My opinion on the story and the characters:

The story and the art direction is really great, hell, it could be a like game you swear have played on GBA one day . Every character feels unique and everyone has time to shine. My favorite ones being Vespa and Clark (and poor Clark, i really want him to be happy , he can’t seem to get a break). Every character has their own traits and i like that you can develop their relationship like Fallout or Baldur’s Gate.
I have to give an applause for the bridge part, the fact that you gave an option to stand for both Maddeline and Carrie/Tam´ra was great, not many games do that and it made me remember the first Pokémon movie with Ash’s intervention. But the moment where Maddeline sacrificed herself to stop Carrie struck me for a long moment. The aftermath of the scene explaining her death made me sad, i was like “man , that sucks”,and i sat on my chair like James in SH2 after seeing his videotape. The moment was great and Vexus talking about it showed how the stakes are now and that the evil must be stopped because the friend of your teammates was turned into a monster and a girl who deserved a better life unfortunately died.Genuinly A+ writing the story and i really want to see what’s next.

The amount of side content is great, it doesn’t feel like padding and is worth to do. You really feel that is worth to do the sidequest and it also gaves more time for the other characters to show-off, like Cedric or Clark.

Also, the Vespa/Leslie and Reneé stories are also really good.

The gameplay part:

The gameplay is mostly fine, until you notice that most enemies are constantly applying debuffs to your team and having double turns. I’m not an expert in Rpgs (is one of my least played genres), but it feels quite frustrating dealing half the damage, receiving the double and being either blinded or stenched. I know is mostly my part , because it requires strategy to play and i’ve played worse Rpgs (like certain other game), but that’s how i felt. I mostly relayed on having Arciella and/or Evelynn in the team and more often than not, it was far better just going all out because it didn’t seem to matter that you tried to remove debuffs or heal if the enemies will just reapply the debuffs again and at the same attacking you because they have double turns very often and there is no way to stop them (as far as i know, very few stuff are capable of that, like Elmira’s skill and that item i can’t remember it’s name).My worst experience was in the cave with the insects, because there was that damn wasp that for 4 turns , my team couldn’t fight back because it was constantly spamming the sleep-inducing move.

Also, having very few multi-target attacks at the beggning can really hurt, since there is also a lot of times were you are facing more than 2 enemies and the afformentioned issues are worsened in those situations.

The Devour skill felt very inconsistent , using it with Vespa felt like it had like 30% chance to hit, and since she doesn’t have a way to quickly charge TP made it unreliable and is was better to just spent the energy in more practical attacks. Until you learn Max Devour , is doesn’t feel very worth to use, while Elmira seemed far better at that since her skill is magic-type and you can charge your magic all the time by resting and using items making it far more reliable and functional in battle.Meanwhile, the enemies that can devour barely miss, and having a teammate disabled is very disadvantegous, since that there is no way to force an enemy to release it’s prey unless time passes or it gets killed before, the worse was when facing Angie, having 2 teammates disable and with other issues mentioned it became awful, since it doesn’t regurgitate it’s prey and in one ocassion , it instantly killed Claire while having already vored two other teammates.

But by no means is bad the gameplay, maybe and very probably i’m just an idiot and i can’t suggest ideas , since i’m no developer and i’m still working on my own game (and haven’t touched the enemies and balancing part yet). Is just that for me it felt like that. There are ways to break it , like when fighthing the Ringmaster, you can just use Cross’s Cover skill and protect the whole team while not taking damage from her Burp attack.

Some bugs i found:

After the fight against the Duchess of iron (the snake one , i can’t remember her name, sorry), You’ll lose collsion and can move through the whole area, it made it easier to find the items , but i don’t think it should had happend.

Giving Reneé the Marylin potrait causes to be stucked on the screen and can’t be removed, and even locks the Menu button.

If Abby participates in the Hammer game in the Circus , but you skip the dialogue too fast, you can make the game freeze in a black screen since she wasn’t in the correct spot, this is more of an advice for other players to be careful to skip the dialogue too fast sometimes…

Overall , it’s really great, the game is awesome , really good. And i hope to see how it ends, i’m now making another playthrough choosing Nell this time, but not at the same pace like with the first one i did(because the game is very lenghty). However , in the 1st playthrough i can’t seem to find Kal ra stonepines or i missed it and Elmira says that has a mission but not ready to give it yet (so i don’t if it will be in the next update or i’m also missing something for her to be able to take her quest) and i don’t know if she can get an upgrade like the others. Awesome work and i wish you good luck and have a nice day.

Sorry for the long bible written here.

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Thank you for the really helpful review, and for playing and enjoying the game! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the story and characters! The character interactions are really the heart of the game imo.

I’ll take what you’ve noted about the combat into consideration for the next update! Ideally, I’d like there to be enough equipment available in the game that resists certain statuses so you can keep key party members healthy against status-happy enemies. But I also recognize that a lot of the time you won’t know what statuses enemies will inflict until you fight them, so maybe characters need more moves that shield them against statuses as well? Either way, I’ll give it some thought!

I might add a ‘gut punch’ move to the game that can force some vore enemies to regurgitate their prey, now that you mention how there’s no way to make them do so currently. It would be tricky to implement though, as lorewise certain enemies like Angie and Ula probably wouldn’t be that threatened by it ^^; But I’ll consider the issue nonetheless.

And thank you so much for the bug reports! Removing softlocks (like the one you found with Abby) from the game is one of my biggest priorities, so I really appreciate the info there. Thanks again for the review!

(p.s. a tip for getting stonespines. If you’ve done the Leslie quest with the shark, repeating the water gauntlet in Karen’s arena gives you chances to refight Megala. I can’t recall off the top of my head if she drops a stonespine or if you have to steal it from her, but it’s one of those two. Stonespines will be easier to find in a later update, but for now that’s probably the simplest way to get them!)


I haven’t played all the game yet but am loving it so far. Nell is definitely the best character. When you go to the dojo and if you lose to Nell when fighting her for special training, once you leave the room, you get a set of dialogue which I believe is for if you beat Nell as all the stuff mentioned in the dialogue doesn’t happen unless you beat her.

Also, the escape button doesn’t always allow you to escape. It will say you were unable to escape more often than not and by the time you do escape you and your party pretty much have barely any health (this is on the random encounters).

Also, when you choose to go with Nell instead, at a certain point you end up having a companion log for lani as well even though she isn’t in your party. I have ended up having her companion log in Nel Dyan after completed a few side quests. Lan’s affection in this instance is the same as Nell’s.

edit: The Lani companion log seems to have dissappeared now.

Thanks for noting these bugs. I’ll look into the Nell and Lani weirdness for next update. Regarding the escape button: the success rate depends on your party’s speed vs that of enemies, so it’s less likely to work against faster foes like the melkai and incubus trackers (at least until you outlevel them anyway.) Hope that helps!


The cat scan ability doesn’t seem to be working on the enimies.

Cat scan only reveals the enemy’s relationship with elements that have already affected it (this carries over between battles), so if it isn’t showing any numbers, it’s because you haven’t used any elemental damage on that enemy. I’m working on making the skill slightly more useful for the next update!