Ayo, I have an idea for this community

I love proboards and I’m pretty sure it’s free to use. So I think I will make another fat fiction/games community over there. Probably will have an interactive fiction aspect as well, as I have described on other posts.

If you want to learn about it, where would you prefer I talk about it assuming I couldn’t advertise here? I probably will talk about it on Feabie.

We do not shut down any conversations unless they are against the rules so feel free to discuss it here if you wish. Though since this is more of a project idea I will be moving it to Project Ideas.


I have been working on what forum design I can. It seems like ProBoards will require me to pay if users need to use images past a data limit, but it could be really cost efficient as far as I know. Also, after considering the Interactive Story idea more carefully, I realize that it is not very suitable for forums after all… It was going to be central but it doesn’t make much sense to put branching stories into forums.

Or maybe not. I might have a solid plan, although it would be a little awkward and involve an outside website or Twine.