Beabelly Games

There used to be a person on deviantart called Beabelly who created multiple games but all the links to download them were dead. I wanted to know if anyone happens to have any of his games and if they are willing to leave a link to them.

Thanks in advance

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The artist is still around under a different name, but they’re insisting that they’re a different person and apparently having other people post that actually the original artist died of cancer or something. They’ve got serious issues and I’m not going to give them the time of day.

One of their games is still up here. I might have others on an old drive somewhere, but I doubt it. Honestly none of it is really worth the time or effort.


Dang, that’s sad yet interesting.
I’m curious what had lead to these decisions

In all honesty? I think something makes her panic and switch. Basically everyone who sees her art or anything she does can tell it’s the same person, immediately. If you’re curious, there’s a DeviantArt page and a Patreon for “Selena-bellyofsteel”, which is her new OC that will have a third of a game made for her before she absconds awkwardly into the void.

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I remember the description of one of her posts implying that she lost someone close to her (sister?) at some point, who was also into making WG games. It’s possible that she has some serious anxiety issues inhibiting her ability to work on stuff.

Perhaps, yes. She apparently has depression and attempted suicide several times, including recently.

Damn that’s really messed up for even for a fetish artist

I found it, I found a vk account called Nayra Futoru